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Ocean temperatures will reach their highest level ever in 2022, according to research.

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According to a new study, the world’s oceans reached their highest recorded temperatures in 2022.

The assessment by an international team of experts, which was published in the journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences, states that “the release of greenhouse gases by human activities has significantly impacted the Earth’s energy and water cycles, generating extensive changes in Earth’s climate system.”

According to John Abraham, a professor at the University of St. Thomas in the US who was a member of the study team, the warming of the oceans has caused “more extreme weather… and it has significant ramifications all over the world.”

According to an analysis of data going back to 1958, there has been an “inexorable rise in ocean temperature, with an acceleration in warming after 1990,” according to the British newspaper The Guardian.

According to the paper, ocean warming and its consequences on extreme weather will increase until humanity approaches net zero emissions because oceans absorb over 90% of the surplus heat produced by greenhouse gas emissions.

The results support a World Meteorological Organization (WMO) analysis from last October, which revealed that the three primary greenhouse gases — carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide — all reached record-high atmospheric concentrations in 2021.

We are moving in the wrong direction, according to data on the “continued rise in concentrations of the main heat-trapping gases, particularly the record acceleration in methane levels,” according to WMO chief Petteri Taalas.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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