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Baguio restaurants are required by law to provide free drinking water.

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An ordinance requiring all restaurants and other similar businesses operating here to give their patrons free access to potable water was approved by the municipal council on final reading.

Potable water needs to be made available to consumers, according to ordinance 001-2023, which was passed on Monday and is pending the mayor’s approval. This is done to save money and encourage people to drink water.

Food businesses are required to display signs that read “free service water.”

You can still see those who demand that customers supply their own drinking water needs.

Councilor Fred Bagbagen, the bill’s author, said in a text message on Friday that the ordinance “further mandates all food outlets to periodically maintain and clean their water dispensers, water vending machines, and water storage containers.”

The City Health Services Office (CHSO) is entrusted with inspecting all food outlets to ensure the hygiene of drinking cups and containers.

A document demonstrating that the establishment’s water provider has a current water inspection result quality is one of the things the CHSO should check during the inspection.

This is the first law passed in 2023 following a public hearing and council deliberations, according to Jordan Habbiling, information officer for the Baguio City Council.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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