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To face “severe problems,” the government is asked to take “great steps.”

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According to a well-known financial and economic analyst, the administration of President Ferdinand R. Marcos must take a “great step” to address the current problems facing the nation.

Ramon Orosa stated during the Saturday News Forum held at Dapo Restaurant in Quezon City that “our nation is experiencing enormous challenges” and that the government cannot afford to remain complacent.

It’s a real, true challenge for the administration to seize the initiative and take the massive action we must take over the next six years. Complacency has no place in the present. There is a need for extreme haste, seriousness, and critical thought that [are] beneficial to the country, according to Orosa.

The economist made the decision while admitting that the Philippines is trailing its neighbors in development.

Insuring “political stability, economic progress, and riches for as many citizens as possible” should be the primary goal of the government, he continued.

Orosa advised, “Pursue our own road and do what we can.” Every new administration’s main goal is to enable the populace of that country to increase both their production and wealth, not merely to give benefits.

According to Orosa, the Marcos government should make sure that its policies and programs advance and develop the nation.

The “concept of improving the output of the people” should be adopted by the administration, he continued.

How do you define productivity? If I was able to accomplish so much this year, I will be able to accomplish much more next year since I will have learned more. The only other method to boost productivity is that he claimed.

When viewed from a macroeconomic perspective, “all government programs must lead in one direction – the higher welfare, benefits, and riches of the people of this country,” he continued.

According to Cheloy Garafil, secretary of the Presidential Communications Office, the President, and his administration are “making all the appropriate actions” to bring about the nation’s economic transition.

Garafil added that the government is implementing measures meant to increase employment and provide food security, and that Marcos has vowed to improve the lives of all Filipinos in a post-pandemic economy.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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