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It is advised for foreign residents to pay readmission costs before departing.

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The Bureau of Immigration (BI) recommended foreign nationals living here on Thursday process their reentry fees before leaving, especially Chinese nationals who intend to spend the Lunar New Year holidays abroad.

This will relieve passengers from waiting in long lines at immigration cashiers in the departure section of the three Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) terminals, according to Carlos Capulong, chief of BI Port Operations Division.

“A sizable portion of them are Chinese citizens living in the nation who are traveling to another country to celebrate the Chinese New Year. If they obtained their permits before traveling to the airport, it might have been possible to prevent the buildup of passengers at the airport, the BI official stated.

Leaving citizens have the option of obtaining these permits at the airports or at any BI office countrywide, according to Capulong.

He claimed that acquiring the permits in advance gives travelers more time to unwind before their departure and reduces the processing time for them.

Additionally, the BI offers a 24-hour one-stop shop at NAIA terminal 3 where departing travelers can obtain their permits before flying.

Foreign nationals registered with the BI and in possession of valid immigrant and nonimmigrant visas are required by immigration law to get exit and reentry permits each time they leave the country.

Permanent residents, international students, and employees with current ACR I-cards are also included.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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