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Next week, DA anticipates decreased onion pricing.

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Onions may be available for less money starting next week, the Department of Agriculture (DA) stated on Friday.

The farm-gate price has decreased as the nation approaches the peak harvest season, according to DA Assistant Secretary Kristine Evangelista, who recently paid a visit to farmers in Nueva Ecija.

“The farm-gate price here in Bongabon is bumababa” (The farm-gate price [of onions] has dropped here in Bongabon). The price in Pangasinan and other production areas will need to be verified, to be exact. However, she added that according to her observation, “here in Bongabon, according to our pag-oobserba, the price has decreased.

Because of the anticipated price drop that will coincide with the harvest season, according to Evangelista, the department has opted against extending the PHP250 suggested retail price (SRP).

“Kaya nga lang ang SRP hanggang January 7th. Bababa na ‘yung presyo kasi inaasahan na ‘yan. Because we anticipate a price decrease after January 7th, the specified SRP is only valid until that date. Accordingly, the pricing of the item is PHP250. We anticipate that our set PHP250 will be at PHP200,” she said.

The DA monitoring reveals that market prices are gradually shifting toward the anticipated price.

Walay po kaming nakitang PHP500 dun sa mga palengkeng mino-monitor. We are no longer seeing PHP500 [per kg] in the monitored markets, so nakikita po natin na nagre-react na ‘yung sa retail dun sa pagbaba ng presyo sa farm-gate price. As a result of the farm-gate price decline, we are now witnessing a response in retail [stores],” Evangelista said.

Rex Estoperez, a DA spokeswoman, stated that the admission of more than 5,000 metric tons of imported onions may even result in a price drop of PHP100 to PHP150 per kg.

Local red onions are typically sold in Metro Manila for between PHP300 and PHP400 per kg, whereas local white onions are typically sold for between PHP250 and PHP400 per kg.

Avoid importing.

Another importation, according to Senator Risa Hontiveros, will not address the alleged egg shortage and its rising prices.

She claimed that the Luzon bird flu outbreak and rising feed costs are to blame for the scarcity and expensive prices.

In a statement on Friday, Hontiveros stated that “DA needs to step up and quickly address the growing egg prices on the market before it takes a turn for the worst, not only for the egg sector but also for low-income households that rely on eggs as their cheapest protein source.”

Hontiveros claimed that eggs are easily perishable, which is why imports should not be taken into account, in contrast to chicken, pig, corn, rice, and onions.

best endeavor

The Bureau of Plant Industry (BPI), meantime, urged its members and other stakeholders to keep working together despite inflation challenges to accomplish the administration’s goal of food security.

BPI chairperson Gerald Panganiban thanked the organization for its efforts at the celebration of its 93rd founding anniversary and urged them to remain steadfast and put in their best efforts to advance the nation’s agriculture sector.

“I guarantee that we will put out our best effort not only from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. but also in the hours beyond that… Once more, I urge everyone to keep enhancing our services and initiatives so that we can raise output, step up efforts to ensure food security, develop areas of collaboration and engagement, and foster technological advances.

In order to ensure support for farmers, Panganiban underlined the necessity of continuing collaboration with other partner agencies and the stakeholders themselves.

“Everyone is aware that the agricultural industry still has a ways to go. However, we have begun since President Bongbong (Ferdinand R.) Marcos Jr.’s government established clear guidelines. Our department’s main concern is food security, and we cannot accomplish this on our own, he stated.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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