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TESDA anticipates 1.8M enrollments in 2023.

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1.8 million students are expected to enroll in the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority’s (TESDA) various skill training courses and programs this year, a TESDA spokesman stated on Monday.

About 1.2 million trainees graduated in 2022, according to Deputy Director General Aniceto Bertiz III, and 84.72 percent of them were able to find employment or other means of support.

In a press conference, he stated that almost nine out of ten graduates were able to obtain certification in a number of fields, including tourism, construction, agriculture, and health care.

“Through the enterprise-based approach, we are coordinating with the industries. As we build the courses, we consult with stakeholders, business, and national government organizations to gauge demand “In Filipino, he spoke.

10 mobile training laboratories were handed out by TESDA on Monday to its regional offices.

“The TESDA programs are delivered to the provinces. The transportable training apparatus intends to reach remote locations, “said Bertiz.

He added that TESDA also engages in a number of discussions and collaborations with other countries, including Hungary, Korea, Japan, and the Middle East, in order to have mutual recognition of training and certification.

He said, “We embrace the best practices of other nations.”

According to Bertiz, TESDA has about 4,700 schools under its management and 16 regional and 82 provincial offices. Soon, innovation centers will be opened where new skill-training programs will be implemented.

As Bertiz emphasized, TESDA has been developing its industry-based program. “We are also cooperating with local government units to know the skills and training that are in demand in their communities,” she stated.

He continued by saying that TESDA collaborates with the information technology and business process management sectors and also provides a wide range of courses connected to information and communications technology.

Modern digital agriculture, cybersecurity, web development, and language classes are other TESDA programs, according to Bertiz.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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