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Marcos will take fewer travels abroad and will sign agreements to follow up on previous agreements.

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In order to follow through on agreements made during his past trips, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. stated on Monday that he intends to cut back on his international travel this year.

Marcos acknowledged his numerous abroad excursions in an interview with select media at Malacanang Palace but claimed that these are anticipated to produce a higher return on investment (ROIs).

Since taking power, Marcos has been to at least eight nations, among them Indonesia, Singapore, the USA, Cambodia, Thailand, Belgium, China, and Switzerland.

“…In my opinion, you have to consider ROI. Should we or shouldn’t we bring something back? said he.

For instance, we returned from China with USD 22 billion in pledges. Let’s assume that the $1 billion in USD is actually used. The eight excursions would have been worthwhile, so bawing-bawi all of them. That’s the concept, he continued.

He emphasized the necessity for his administration to market the nation as a location for investment to corporate and business leaders in addition to heads of state.

“If I wasn’t present at the conference, I didn’t speak, and the Philippines wasn’t represented in the isip, so I wasn’t bumiyahe or nagpakita diyan. If we don’t travel and promote ourselves at these conferences, they won’t think about us or the Philippines. Kailangan natin ipakita ang ano ang ating ginagawa para naman mapaganda ang potential investment nila na dadalhin sa Pilipinas. We must demonstrate to them how we are assisting the nation in attracting possible investments, he said.

As the nation’s most recent leader, Marcos stated that it was also crucial for him to introduce himself to his colleagues around the globe.

“Nobody knows me; I’m the new boy on the block. Magpakilala kailangan ko (I need to introduce myself). It’s crucial that leaders meet in person as well, he continued.

After returning from his international travels with a number of investment commitments, including his attendance at summits of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), Marcos declared that his administration will now give priority to consolidating and enforcing these commitments.

For the remainder of the year, “Medyo babawasan na namin. Aside from itong biyahe at Davos, ang dahilan ay kailangan namin balikan lahat itong mga nasimulan sa ASEAN, APEC, China, pati pagpunta sa [European Union] sa Brussels. We will cut back on our travel for the remainder of the year, kailan namin idetalye ang aming pinag-usapan. The reason is that we need to revisit all of these initiatives that were initially initiated in China, APEC, ASEAN, and the EU in Brussels, as well as on this trip to Davos. We must go into more detail about what we talked about,” he remarked.

“I’m too busy to talk right now, but at least mayroon kaming nauuwi,” the speaker said. At least we were able to fulfill these commitments even though we weren’t able to consolidate them because of our hectic schedules. Ngayon, kailangan na natin iconsolidate, kailangan na natin ifollow up. We now need to compile our findings and follow up,” he said.

Next month, Marcos will travel to Japan to meet with Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. In November, he will also be present at the APEC Summit in the US.

He also reassured the public that when the information is ready, his administration will eventually disclose a breakdown of how much was spent on his international travels.

He added that international corporate executives had no trouble being “transparent and accountable.”

In whatever we do, there will be transparency and responsibility. The private business has not raised it as a problem. They bring up the ease of conducting business, the price of electricity, and the issues with legislative guarantees. The naysayers can voice their opinions, but those who are considering investing wisely in the Philippines have other concerns. Transparency and accountability are not a problem, he claimed.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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