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Because of Tulfo’s “excellent instincts,” according to Marcos, he wants to retain him.

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On Monday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. declared that Erwin Tulfo, a former secretary of the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), is still someone he wants to have in his government because of his “excellent instincts.”

In a meeting with a few journalists at Malacanang Palace, Marcos dispelled rumors that Tulfo would be appointed as one of his counselors.

“No, Erwin’s proposal does not include that. We don’t want him to be a presidential adviser; we have other intentions for him, he said.

He admitted that he is still unsure of what post he would give Tulfo after the Commission on Appointments (CA) turned him over twice because of citizenship concerns and prior libel convictions.

“Whatever we say, challenges he experienced with the committee on appointments or the CA, he performed a very excellent job while directing the DSWD. We thus can’t afford to lose such a valuable asset, therefore we’ll find something he can do to allow us to benefit from his good social service instincts,” he continued.

In May of last year, Marcos appointed Tulfo to lead the DSWD. DSWD Undersecretary Eduardo Punay is the organization’s current official in charge.

The diplomatic post of Angping

In the meantime, Marcos justified his choice to appoint Zenaida Angping, a former head of the Presidential Management Staff, as Monaco’s concurrent ambassador to France.

Angping was granted a leave of absence by the President in December “to spend some personal time for herself and her family,” the Presidential Communications Office recalled.

He claimed that Angping was the one who requested a diplomatic position.


When she returned, she suggested that I might be able to find something that won’t be too difficult for me to handle. What do you think, I asked. And she pleaded with you to give me a diplomatic position, Marcos recalled.

He noted that although Angping has been involved with the foreign service for a while, she has never held a professional post in diplomacy.

Marcos also mentioned her experience serving as Benjamin “Kokoy” Romualdez’s longtime assistant. Romualdez had served as the Philippine ambassador to the US, China, and Saudi Arabia.

Uncle Kokoy’s ko, Tao (She used to work under my Uncle Kokoy). She also worked for the Philippine embassy in the US, which was an American embassy. She worked in China, to be specific. She was employed in each of the locations we were gradually expanding. In other words, she is accustomed to the job, he said.

Angping previously served as a representative representing Manila’s third district.

Marcos’s wish list

Marcos insisted he was still required at the Department of Farm (DA) despite growing requests for him to appoint a permanent leader to handle problems plaguing the agriculture industry.

“…There are things that I can do that, if there was a secretary, they could do but it would take time and require many conversations, so hindi – magagawa pero matagal, madaming diskusyon.” They are unable to refuse the President. And if they don’t follow my instructions, I reserve the right to discipline them, he added, “pag hindi nila ginawa ‘yung utos ko.

Before stepping down as DA chief and appointing a successor, he listed accomplishments on his “bucket list” that included helping farmers, enhancing research and development (R&D), and implementing new crop varieties.

“In order to increase production, we must support the farmers… We are attempting to implement new farming methods that, in my opinion, we will be able to use – new technology, new varieties, start with R&D, said Marcos.

He claimed that in addition, he is working closely with a number of other nations to find non-conventional suppliers, particularly for the supply of fertilizer, wheat, rice, and corn.

In a few years, he added, “we should be able to create enough for ourselves, so we won’t need to worry about non-traditional supplies anymore.”

Marcos claims that the nation’s agriculture industry is dealing with a variety of issues as a result of demand exceeding output, which placed pressure on prices and left the government with no choice but to import.

“Pag maayos na ‘yan, that is one box that I have been able to check off… But we return to the issue of production… After that, a [DA] secretary will take my place and carry out the plan on our behalf. At the very least, I agree that it belongs in our ginagawa. So those are the key components I’m referring to,” he continued.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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