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There is no proposal to privatize NAIA: Marcos

President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. stated on Monday that the Philippine government has no intention of privatizing the management of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

After Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Jaime Bautista allegedly revealed that the Marcos administration intends to outsource NAIA’s operations, Marcos provided this clarification.

“Nothing is going to be privatized. We act in the exact opposite way. In an interview with a few reporters at Malacaan Palace, Secretary Jimmy Bautista said, “No, I think he may have been – maybe he misspoke or he was misread when he was talking about it.

However, an airport cannot be privatized in the first place. The airport is not theirs to own. The airport cannot be owned by a private company, he added.

He revealed, however, that his administration is trying to employ a private firm to manage traffic and boost mobility in the busiest gateway in the Philippines.

Although Marcos withheld the name of the business, he did say that he had spoken with representatives of it while in New York in September of last year.

They manage numerous sizable airports, so we’re asking them what they can do and if they’ll help us enhance traffic at the Manila airport. They added that they could. They came last week to assess how the airport operated, particularly in light of the issue we encountered on New Year’s Day and the most recent [uninterruptible power supply] outage, he said.

“We’ll have a management contract at most. Enter and take charge of the airport. Furthermore, they claim that they can raise traffic from the current rate of 35 movements per hour to a maximum of 45 movements per hour without making any changes, adding any new equipment, or creating a new runway. So, he said, “we want that.

A NAIA air traffic control system malfunction on January 1 resulted in multiple flight cancellations, displacing about 56,000 passengers.

According to the DOTr, the incident that caused the system to lose power was caused by a fault with the electrical network of the system, and its uninterruptible power supply, which is intended to be utilized as a backup power supply, also failed.

Appointments with AFP

In the meantime, Marcos refuted rumors that his wife, First Lady Liza Araneta-Marcos, played any role in the selection of ISAFP (Intelligence Service of the Armed Forces of the Philippines) officials.

In a previous video, Araneta-Marcos denied the claim and said she was “sick and weary” of people using her name to incite conflict.

“Zero. She truly can’t contribute to it. The First Lady assists me with organizing because she is genuinely incredibly skilled in that area. arranging which office, how the office is organized, and where the paperwork are processed. But that’s all there is to it. Together, we don’t discuss policy,” he stated.

When making “tough judgments,” he claimed to consult her, but only if the matter was legal and not political.

Politically neutral. not choices made in politics. Legal. Oh yeah, I’ll ask her about the law. I require a professional opinion if there is a legal matter because I am not a lawyer. I could turn to her because most of the time she is right next to me,” he stated.

As “the best legal representation of any president,” Juan Ponce Enrile, Chief Presidential Legal Counsel, was another fortunate asset cited by Marcos.

President Marcos to follow?

Ferdinand Alexander “Sandro” Marcos, the senior deputy majority leader and representative for Ilocos Norte, likewise denied claims that he was being prepared to become “the next Marcos president.”

“He is not being trained for anything. He is getting ready. He has made up his mind to pursue a career in politics, and he will conduct himself accordingly. There is no long-term plan that Sandro will one day become president. Actually, if you tell him that, he’ll laugh in your face,” he remarked.

Marcos claimed that speculation about his son running for president was “premature” because he was preoccupied with his duties as Ilocos Norte’s congressman.

“Being in the top spot is everyone’s dream. We have this long-term strategy, therefore that doesn’t imply that we are plotting anything. In no way. In no way. He’s already too busy. He already has too much work, he continued.

Sandro traveled abroad with his father on a number of occasions, most recently to Davos, Switzerland, where the 2023 World Economic Forum was being held.

According to Marcos, he went on the trip to promote a law that would create the Maharlika Wealth Fund, the nation’s first sovereign wealth fund.

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