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DA, egg stakeholders to talk about the price increase

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According to the Presidential Communications Office (PCO), the Department of Agriculture (DA) will meet with egg producers and merchants to discuss the rising cost of chicken eggs despite a sufficient supply.

According to the Presidential Communications Office (PCO), “President (and Agriculture Secretary) Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. has ordered Department of Agriculture (DA) Undersecretary Domingo Panganiban to meet with egg producers and traders to determine why prices of chicken eggs have increased in recent weeks despite enough supply in the market.”

In light of the administration’s efforts to realize its goal of providing Filipino families with cheap food, Marcos stated during the Cabinet meeting that the DA must ascertain the cause of the discrepancy between farmgate and retail prices.

“Therefore, we will need to look into ways to limit that as we are unable to account for about half of the profit margin we are currently witnessing. Cost cannot be the cause, “said he.

The going rate for medium-sized eggs in Metro Manila as of Tuesday is PHP8 to PHP9 a piece.

“Given their farmgate rates, the DA stated that eggs should only retail between PHP7 and PHP7.50 per piece. According to reports, eggs can cost as much as PHP9.60 for each piece, the PCO added.

The head of the Philippine Egg Board Association, Gregorio San Diego, stated recently that the current range of retail prices for eggs is “too expensive.”

According to San Diego, the anticipated level of egg production for this year is consistent.

“We believe that is excessive. Sentimo long ang idinaragdag hanggang sa market, based on farmgate price. However, from the farmgate price, the markup is only a few centavos more up to the market now (because previously). However, that is currently excessive; an egg costs more than PHP2.

The DA previously stated that the value chain’s reduction of layers will aid in preventing such price hikes.

“In order to assess the supply situation and determine whether there are any blockages, we are also cooperating with the Philippine Egg Board. As part of our current efforts to lower the price, we are also getting rid of several layers of dealers “Assistant Secretary for the DA Kristine Evangelista remarked earlier.

The Price and Volume Watch Committee and Advisory Groups for Livestock and Poultry were also reinstated by the department to continue keeping an eye on the costs of eggs of various sizes in the marketplaces across the nation.

Medium-sized eggs cost only PHP6.90 a piece in December, a significant discount from the current retail price.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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