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Leyte town hopes to increase tourism by building a P200 million road.

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To draw tourists from the adjacent Kalanggaman Island in Palompon town, the most popular destination in the Eastern Visayas region, the town of Matag-ob in the province of Leyte wants to improve roads going to its important locations. This will cost at least PHP200 million.

According to Mayor Bernie Tacoy, the proposed road renovations will open and enhance access to the settlements of San Vicente and Bulak’s caverns as well as the mountain range Bondari Peak.

“We have formed partnerships with neighboring municipalities to entice visitors to Kalanggaman to travel to surrounding destinations in northwest Leyte. Tacoy stated, “We urge tourists, especially those coming from Luzon, to make their trips more worthwhile by traveling to other places.

The starting location for Kalanggaman Island, Palompon town center, is about 19 kilometers away from Matag-ob. The island received 3,954 visitors in the first four months of 2022, making it the most popular destination in the area.

A road from Palompon town to Masaba Waterfalls in Matag-ob, a location close to Bondari Peak, is the first suggestion.

According to Tacoy, another suggestion is to concrete the entrance road to the 37 caverns in the communities of San Vicente and Bulak.

The mayor said that revenue from tourism-related activities will increase local government revenue.

“We prioritize tourism during my first term because we don’t want people to pay additional taxes. We need to find other sources, and tourism is one of them, he said.

The most visited location in Matag-ob town is Bondari Peak. The website has 200 views each day on weekends. Between Matag-ob and Villaba town’s boundaries is a 60-hectare mountain range.

Bondari is a great location for camping, hiking, bike trails, and motocross contests in addition to offering spectacular views of the mountain range at sunrise and sunset.

According to Tacoy, the enormous cave in San Vicente is the size of a basketball court and produces calcite crystals that cause stalagmites and stalactites to develop inside the cave.

According to him, there are 37 caves in the town, some of which have lately undergone local exploration.

One of the four towns in the province of Leyte that have joined forces to develop a “circuit trip package” to advertise their scenic islands, spectacular vistas, and other natural beauties is Matag-ob.

Merida, Palompon, and Isabel are additional towns. To achieve local community economic augmentation, a tourism circuit must be created.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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