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Bride in Iloilo substitutes an onion bouquet for flowers

Because onions are so expensive these days, an Ilongga bride decided to carry an onion bouquet instead of the customary assortment of delicate white or brightly colored flowers as she walked down the aisle.

In a Tuesday interview with the Philippine News Agency (PNA), April Lyka Biorrey-Nobis said she didn’t mind lugging four to five kilograms of an onion bouquet for her Jan. 21 wedding to her five-year partner since she thought it was useful and special.

April Lyka, a 28-year-old from Bingawan in Iloilo, said at first they had intended to use flowers, but while perusing social media, she had the idea to use onions with a hint of flowers for her bouquet.

“It was by mistake that I noticed an onion bouquet with some flowers in it. I called our coordinator right away, and she told me we could utilize the idea for our wedding,” she said in a phone interview.

Erwin Nobis, her 35-year-old bridegroom from Estancia, Iloilo, quickly consented when she asked his permission to utilize the idea.

According to April Lyka, flowers would only be used for display after the wedding and would simply be thrown away once they had wilted.

She continued, “Onions are useful since they may be utilized after the wedding.”

Since there isn’t one in Iloilo, their coordinator placed an online order from a vendor in La Union right away. A sack of onions showed up four days before their wedding.

The bride claimed that at PHP8,000, the cost of a single sack of onions is even less expensive than the cost of the customary flowers, which they had initially budgeted PHP15,000 for.

“Our godparents and bridesmaids received the onions after the ceremony, allowing them to keep them as mementos. Additionally, I donated my bouquet to our family members for regular use,” she continued.

To avoid any injuries, she explained, they omitted the customary bouquet toss.

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