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Davao durian growers will export Puyat varieties to China.

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This year, the premium Puyat species of durian will be sent to China from at least 62 approved durian farms in the Davao Region, according to a statement released on Tuesday by the Department of Agriculture (DA-11) office there.

Abel James Monteagudo, director of DA-11, stated during a news conference that the number of local suppliers to China may treble over the next few days as many durian producers intend to have their fields accredited.

According to DA-11, the “Puyat” durian variety’s China market debuted in October of last year after a group of Chinese representatives visited several farms in the area to assess appropriate agricultural methods (GAP).

“There will likely be an additional 62 farms because several of them seek GAP accreditations. According to Monteagudo, they want their farms to be assessed to determine if they will pass.

He claimed that a substantial quantity of the “Puyat” kind may be easily in demand given China’s sizable market.

In the Philippines, durian is a common fruit, especially in the Davao area, which is the main durian-producing region in Mindanao.

In the Philippines, 1,387,628 bearing trees were planted on a total of 16,573 hectares of durian-producing land in 2021. Of these, the Davao Region contains about 8,179 hectares that are home to 884,567 yielding trees.

The Philippines produced 73,867 metric tons of durian in 2021 as opposed to 78,815 metric tons the year before.

78% of the overall production of durians during the time period was produced in the Davao Region.

Among the top five markets for Philippine durian exports are South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Singapore.

The Philippines is anticipated to export 52,000 metric tons of quality fresh durian to China alone.

If durian from the Philippines is permitted to be exported to China, approximately 9,696 direct jobs and 1,126 indirect jobs will be created. According to Monteagudo, “direct jobs include additional farm laborers in the packing, shipping, and other services sectors.

During the first year of trading with China, he said, the sector is predicted to earn roughly US$150 million.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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