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In Ilocos, more than 60 businesses failed to pay workers’ SSS contributions.

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Out of the 2,506 businesses audited in the Ilocos Region, more over 60 failed to send the Social Security Service (SSS) payments due to their employees in 2022.

A consultative conference between the SSS and the DOLE was convened on January 20 to address this, according to Justin Marbella, information officer for the Department of Labor and Employment-Ilocos Region (DOLE-1) in a Wednesday interview.

He explained, “The DOLE lacks the authority to enforce this specific social benefit, thus our agency contacted SSS to inform them of this concern.

Although just 60 out of the assessed establishments, or 2.7%, were unable to remit, Marbella stated that they are still aiming for a 100% compliance rate.

The DOLE and SSS have planned to create a technical working group that will visit enterprises that do not adhere to this social coverage, according to a statement from mediation arbitrator Amado Gasmin.

“The DOLE inspectors’ interpretation of these social benefits should be in line as they go into the field to make sure that these general labor standards are met,” he said.

He continued, “This year, the DOLE is focused on a recalibrated labor inspection, so we understand the significance of stronger convergence with SSS to achieve full compliance from companies.

The DOLE and SSS will collaborate closely in 2023 to make sure that all employees may benefit from the coverages they have so properly worked so hard to earn, according to Gasmin.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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