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Next week will bring the official opening of Panagbenga.

The 2023 Panagbenga or Baguio Flower Festival is planned to begin on Wednesday next week, according to organizers on Tuesday (Feb. 1).

At a press conference held at the Baguio Country Club (BCC), executive committee chairman Anthony de Leon stated that preparations for the festival began in December. Organizers have collaborated with the local authority and participating organizations to put up the month-long festival.

“We have everything ready for the official opening parade. Volunteers are already on board, and all of the subcommittees are up and running “Added he.

In 1995, a community event called panagbenga, which is kankanaey for “blossoming,” was created to help the city’s economy recover from the damage caused by the deadly earthquake that struck in 1990 and left the region and its economy in ruins.

De Leon continued, “The media partners are prepared, including the traffic and peace and order preparations.”

According to the authorities, 1,650 police officers will be on duty to uphold law and order throughout the festival. All of the roadways in and surrounding the central business district, including Session Road, South Drive, Magsaysay Avenue, Harisson Road, Lake Drive, and Mabini Street, are anticipated to be blocked by traffic.

On February 25 and 26, there will be a large procession with floats and a street dance.

“We will begin the great parades as soon as the inaugural parade is over. They will be difficult. We are confident that we will be OK, just like any festivals we have attended in the past “explained the official.

Three elementary schools, eight open cultural performance organizations, as well as a number of marching bands and performing contingents, will participate in the festival’s grand opening procession, according to executive committee chief of staff Evangeline Payno.

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