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A legislator claims teachers do not need to pay for pupils’ needs.

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Senator Robinhood “Robin” Padilla stated on Wednesday that it is past time to put an end to the practice of public school instructors having to pay for their children’s needs in advance out of their own pockets.

He declared that he fully supported any legislation granting public school teachers more privileges and advantages, praising them as the “second parents” of young Filipino students.

In addition, instructors must make additional sacrifices to fulfill their obligations during election seasons.

“Pambihira, definitely a pambihira. Ang mga estudyante na niya paggising pa lang niyan nasa isip niyan ang kanilang puhunan sa nila’s home. I’m a student, bago matulog yan iniisip niya. Aba, pa natin abonohin? It’s really terrible that our teachers consider their kids from the moment they wake up until the moment they go to bed. Pambihira naman, napakapambihira na po niyan. And we permitted them to use their own funds to cover expenses for their students in advance? This shouldn’t be happening, “During the Senate committee on civil service hearing, Padilla said in his opening remarks.

The senator stated the sufferings of public school teachers must cease and offered his full support for the proposed proposal during the hearing of Senate Bill No. 849, or Additional Benefits of Teachers and Privileges for Public School Teachers.

He said, “Let us not enable our teachers to shoulder more loads. Everything is a balakid. Huwag na natin hayaang dumapo pa sa balikat ng ating mga guro.

In requesting more benefits for teachers, Padilla cited the Constitution, which stipulates that funding for education must take precedence over all other expenditures by the government.

He continued, I am fully supporting the legislation that will ensure that teachers will no longer have to pay in advance out of their own pockets. “At ako, buong buo ang suporta sa panukalang ito,” he said.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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