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House approves a bill lowering the government retirement age to 56.

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On second reading, the House of Representatives on Wednesday adopted a bill lowering the mandatory retirement age for federal employees from 60 to 56.

House Bill 206, which aims to alter Section 13-A of Republic Act 8291, also known as the “Government Service Insurance (GSIS) Act of 1997,” was approved by the parliament during the plenary session by voice vote.

When government employee turns 56 years old, they are eligible to apply for retirement and receive a lifelong old-age pension from the GSIS.

Teachers Party-list for ACT The primary sponsor of the bill, Rep. France Castro, claimed that everyone who works for the government, especially public school teachers, is subject to demanding labor and the physical and psychological tolls it brings.

According to Castro, one of the demands made during discussions with public school teachers is for earlier retirement. He noted that if teachers waited until later to retire, the risks and degree of stress associated with their jobs would prevent them from completely enjoying their later years.

According to Castro, “Teachers typically leave the profession not with contented smiles but under the attack of various ailments; any retirement benefits they obtain will be used primarily for medical expenses rather than for their rest or own companies.”

She cited the UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization when she claimed that the Philippines was among the nations with appalling statistics describing the working conditions of teachers, with average pupil-teacher ratios ranging from 31 (primary level) to 45 students to each teacher (secondary level), and average class sizes of 42.4 (primary) and 43.7 (secondary) (secondary).

Castro noted that the retirement age in the majority of North American, European, and Asian nations is 60 and that teachers in the Philippines leave the workforce five years later than those in most other nations.

A 55-year-old just a few years away from becoming a senior citizen should not be obliged to carry out the strenuous duties expected of a public school teacher in the Philippines, according to respect and humane concern. Public school teachers should at least have the option to leave the field at this point in their life if they want to live longer, healthier lives, Castro said.

Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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