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New Zealand offers Filipinos full scholarships

Young Filipinos who desire to study for master’s and doctoral degrees are encouraged to apply for the annual scholarship program offered in a few professions by the government of New Zealand, according to ambassador Peter Kell.

Kell spoke fluent Filipino and remarked, “This is the right time to be with you to transmit the chances for Filipinos to study in New Zealand.”

On Monday, Kell visited the city and spoke with a small group of journalists to discuss the New Zealand Manaaki scholarship program, which he claimed had been around for about 50 years.

“A chance to study in New Zealand is not simply a chance to enhance your knowledge, talents, and academic interests,” the envoy added. “It’s also a chance to get the perspective of many individuals in a different nation.”

The scholarship program, which will begin in January 2024, will choose sixteen people.

The event’s New Zealand aid manager, Dyan Mabunga Rodriguez, stated that the scholarship money will cover the recipients’ living and educational costs.

Qualified applicants will also be permitted to travel with their families and enroll their kids in New Zealand schools.

According to Kell, the scholarship has so far benefited around 2,000 Filipino people.

“We all understand that, in order to truly address our concerns with the environment, such as climate change, we must find global solutions. These solutions cannot be provided solely by one group of people, one nation, or one government. They must incorporate the diverse worldviews that each of us represents, not just for our nation but also for many other nations “added he.

According to him, his nation values the knowledge and customs of the indigenous people because they have been shown to benefit it.

“I’m thrilled to be in Cordillera because, like New Zealand, your country has an incredibly dynamic and rich indigenous legacy that spans a wide range of worldviews. As a representative of New Zealand, I believe that one of the intriguing things our nation is attempting to do right now draws on our indigenous heritage to assist in solving more global problems for both our nation and the larger international community “added Kell.

“Of all the Filipinos, I believe that those of you who reside in this area will most likely have an understanding since you are descended from indigenous people. Go to New Zealand to earn a degree in a subject that interests you academically and to gain an understanding of how that country views the world, how it solves problems, and how it draws on tradition and heritage to broaden and deepen its perspective on the world, as well as what you can learn and apply to the Philippines. For me, that is the message I want to convey to you today “Added he.

Interested parties must not be older than 40. The Facebook page of the New Zealand Embassy has more details.

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