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Revolutionizing Creativity: Hepmil Philippines Elevates Creators’ Networks with New Programs!

Discover the future of creative networking with Hepmil Philippines’ groundbreaking talent programs designed to empower and elevate creators to new heights!


Hepmil Philippines Launches New Talent Programs to Bolster Creators’ Network Capabilities 

Manila, Philippines — Hepmil Philippines, a technology-driven media company running the popular digital content platform PGAG, has launched groundbreaking programs to strengthen the capabilities and skills of hundreds of talents and creators under its network.

Hepmil Philippines is a regional arm of the Hepmil Media Group that manages digital content platforms such as SGAG and MGAG. The group’s original content arm produces content that reaches over 30 million Gen Zs & millennials across the region weekly, while its creator network partners with over 800 of the region’s top digital content creators who generate over 3 billion monthly views.

Hepmil Talents as TikTok Sellers

Hepmil Philippines has launched its social commerce solutions, allowing its content creators to explore other avenues to monetize their content. This initiative introduces a new incubation program focused on expanding their skills in social selling and forging partnerships with regional e-commerce brands to support their direct-to-consumer efforts.

Jel Directo, Country Manager of Hepmil Creators’ Network, shared, “The unstoppable rise of TikTok Shop in the Philippines has brought a platform for our creators not only to elevate their game in content creation but also to increase their opportunities for monetized content.”

“Since this is fast-growing in the local market, we have trained our creators in effective live selling, live streaming, and also affiliate content building. With this, we continue to be partners of brands that are first-movers in the bottom funnel creator marketing able to support them as they speed up test-and-learn efforts,” she added. 

Expanding Hepmil Creators’ Network in the Philippines

Hepmil welcomed accomplished creators such as Jico Umali (Jiconyo)Pipay Kipay, and Adam Alejo into its roster of talented exclusive creators under its digital creator community, Hepmil Creators’ Network (HCN).

“We want our creator network to be represented by those who truly understand our passion and skill in content creation. With Jico as our homegrown creator in PGAG; Pipay known on TikTok for her comedy and wit and Adam Alejo, a YouTuber known for his most-watched idea-first challenges, we can showcase our ability to support brands in creating content that connects and matters to their audience,” Directo explained. 

With a deep understanding of local culture, Hepmil and its partners are pioneering communication strategies tailored to engage this new generation of mobile-first consumers. Through organic integration into engaging content, brands can connect authentically with audiences who want entertainment value.

Hepmil Philippines Reveals New and Relatable Showstoppers

True to its mission of empowering and supporting more content creators, the company has created a list of shows that offer entertainment and relatable content for the audience.

At the forefront is “Oner Gang,” an exhilarating travel show featuring social media sensations Jico Umali and Risha Rodriguez. Embarking on an adventure across the Philippines, each episode immerses viewers in the tapestry of local communities to offer an authentic glimpse into the nation’s diverse cultures. From savoring delectable cuisines to exploring natural wonders, “Oner Gang” promises an unforgettable expedition.

Injecting humor into the lineup is PGAG‘s latest show, a workplace satire hilariously named “Sa Office.” Starring a stellar cast including Eryka Lucas, Jico Umali, Al Gentrix, and Bert Javellana, the series provides a comedic yet relatable look at office life. Penned by Aly Almario (Alyloony), “Sa Office” guarantees PGAG’s signature laugh-out-loud moments.

“We continue to innovate new shows, with our partner creators, to bring engaging and entertaining content to our fans, new and old,” said Erwin Razon, General Manager of PGAG and Bent Pixels Asia. 

Established in 2018, PGAG is a marketing company based in the Philippines that connects with locals on a daily basis. It creates localized digital content for more than 24 million Millennials and Gen Z, particularly memes and videos, reaching over a few million Filipinos weekly through our four content distribution channels.

“The company’s strategic partnerships with rising platforms like Oner Gang and PGAG offer brands a strategic entry point into the evolving realm of digital marketing. As the rules of engagement are being rewritten, Hepmil is poised to author the next chapter in the industry,” said Razon.

“We strongly believe in the balance of advertising and entertainment on content, a mindset that allows us to thrive in integrating brand messages seamlessly within our content while maintaining the authenticity and entertainment that our fans love,” he added. 

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HEPMIL CREATORS’ NETWORK (HCN) is a digital creator agency that connects comedy & entertainment creators across SEA with brands to co-create content or reserve ad inventory. HCN is the sister company of SGAG, and a subsidiary of Hepmil Media Group. 

HCN was launched in March 2020 to provide business opportunities for independent TikTok content creators in SEA, while leveraging its expertise in comedy to mentor these talents. It also enables fuss-free coordination for brands to ensure their campaigns’ objectives are met and brand-safe content is produced for millennials and Gen Zs. Powered by Hepmil’s servicing expertise and data analytics, we work with our TikTok creators to launch entertaining and hyper-localized content based on advertisers’ campaign objectives. 

HCN’s network includes more than 100 TikTok and YouTube creators from Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines, with more than 25 million subscribers and over 40 million monthly views. It now has close to half of the biggest comedy and entertainment YouTubers in Singapore, including Wah! Banana (1.33M subscribers), Ryan Sylvia (1M subscribers), Naomi Neo (446k subscribers), Millennials of Singapore (197k subscribers) and Zermatt Neo (181k subscribers), making it the largest inventory for comedy and entertainment channels in the country.

Learn more about HCN and our creators at www.hepmil.com/creators.


Hepmil Media Group is a network of technology-driven media companies that serves to better the lives of millions in Southeast Asia through content that engages and entertains. SGAG is currently the top comedy platform in Singapore on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, based on data from NoxInfluencer, Tubular Labs, and Cloutmeter.

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