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PH Army seeks further defense cooperation with the UK

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Following the visit of Group Captain Beatrix VH Walcot, the United Kingdom’s defense attaché to the Philippines, the Philippine Army (PA) is considering the prospect of enhancing relations with the country, particularly in terms of land domain training and education.

Col. Xerxes Trinidad, the PA’s spokesperson, said in a statement on Saturday that Walcot had a meeting with Brig. Gen. Steve D. Crespillo, the Army vice commander, on Friday during her initial call to the PA’s Fort Bonifacio headquarters.

“Group Captain Walcot and Brig. Gen. Crespillo, who represented Lt. Gen. Romeo S. Brawner Jr., head of the Army, talked about strengthening bilateral defense and security cooperation. The two presidents also discussed strengthening areas of cooperation in the land sector, like military education and training, “added Trinidad.

During the pre-pandemic Exercise, Cambrian Patrol (Ex CP) 2019 which was held in Wales, UK, a team of PA Scout Rangers got a Silver Medal citation.

Ex CP, regarded as the British Army’s top patrolling exercise, entails mission-focused and scenario-based training to improve the operational capability of the participating units, according to Trinidad.

A resident defense attaché replaced the previous Brunei-based non-resident defense attaché to the Philippines which is headquartered in the British Embassy in Manila.

The British government’s 2021 Integrated Review of Foreign and Security Policy, which has changed its strategic focus to the Indo-Pacific area, was the inspiration for this adjustment.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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