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Mober inks partnership with Nespresso to decarbonize its on-ground delivery with electric vehicle fleet

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Mober welcomes government move for zero tariffs on electric vehicles

Filipino tech-logistics startup Mober has partnered with Swiss coffee brand Nespresso, which was named the world’s most sustainable coffee company in 2021, to decarbonize its on-ground delivery by switching to electric vehicles (EVs).

Mober started delivering Nespresso products from its warehouse to stores around Metro Manila last December 2022, demonstrating both company’s commitment to sustainability and focus on cutting carbon footprint in delivery.

“We aim to catalyze a transition to zero-emissions mid and last-mile delivery in the Philippines. By switching to electric vehicles, Nespresso is set to eliminate hundreds of tons of CO2 emissions yearly, and this is just the beginning for us,” said Dennis Ng, CEO and founder of Mober.

Meanwhile, Mober welcomes Pres. Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr.’s approval of zero tariffs on electric vehicles to encourage consumers to use “cleaner and greener” cars. This allows Mober to support more retailers and businesses in their transition to green fleets.

A pioneer in EV delivery in the Philippines, Mober purchased its first electric delivery fleet in October 2021 to give companies with net zero mandate an environmentally friendly choice.

Currently, Mober has a fleet of 20 EVs and e-trucks, serving a variety of clients, such as IKEA for last-mile delivery, Nespresso for warehouse-to-store delivery, and SM Appliance Center for same-day delivery. 

Mober’s electric vans can travel up to 230 kilometers, while the range of its electric trucks is 280 kilometers, offering flexibility to meet their clients’ wide logistical needs. EVs run on fast-charging lithium-ion batteries and emit zero carbon dioxide compared to internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Moreover, EVs require less maintenance and have lower operating costs, which can help save money in the long run. Companies can book and partner with Mober instead of buying their own EVs to decarbonize their fleet.

Ng said these functions enable the company to operate at a higher efficiency level which contributes further to reducing its carbon footprint. “Monitoring the CO2 offset for our EV fleet can serve as a conscious reminder for businesses looking to go green to reflect on using EVs soonest. This will also help us save the data for future use and reach our net zero goal target.”

The future of EV deliveries

The Department of Energy (DOE) projects that EVs would comprise 10% of the total registered vehicles in the country by 2040, as stated in the government’s Philippine Energy Plan.

“If Mober could deploy 300 EV deliveries, 1,542 tons of annual carbon reductions could be achieved, which is equivalent to the CO2 savings from a 1 MWp solar PV project. A delivery driver typically commutes 200 km per day and consumes 16.4 liters of petrol per day, thus emitting 40.2 kg in CO2 emissions for an ICE delivery vehicle. Assuming the same range applied to a single Mober EV delivery vehicle, daily CO2 emissions can be reduced by 14kg or 35%,” Ng explained.

By replacing carbon-intensive logistics operations with EV delivery vehicles to reduce air pollution, Mober aims to facilitate the transition towards sustainable transport in the Philippines. Mober plans to deploy 100 EV units by the end of 2023 and become the largest green logistics in five years.



With a current focus on the Philippine market, Mober aims to be the leading green logistics delivery provider in Southeast Asia, by becoming the largest operator of delivery EVs in the region. Established in July 2015, Mober is a Manila-based third-party delivery service company founded by serial-entrepreneur and EY-trained auditor, Dennis Ng. With its 80-person team, including delivery drivers, Mober, having road explosive growth in the delivery service sector over the past several years, is well-positioned to pioneer EV deployments in the Philippines. 

Mober was founded by Dennis as a pivot from his previous company, Govago, which was founded in 2012 to provide a taxi dispatching application to allow users to use their smartphones to call and locate licensed taxis. While Dennis was successful in signing up key partners such as leading Singapore taxi company, Trans-Cab, the entry of better-funded competitors such as Grab led Dennis to pivot to the third-party delivery service sector – a move that allowed him to port over his existing software, team, and market insights to a business model with higher barriers to entry and rapid demand growth. 

For further information, visit: https://www.mober.ph 

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