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Solon wants the pay increase measures to be reviewed.

Sen. Raffy Tulfo introduced a bill on Wednesday that aims to enhance working conditions for employees while also reviewing current minimum wage policies to see if they are consistent with today’s standards of life.

Tulfo stated in his Senate Resolution 476 that the purpose of this is to ascertain whether the salary increase from last year could still sustain the living circumstances of workers, given that many of them are experiencing financial difficulties as a result of growing inflation.

On June 4, 2022, the most recent minimum wage rise went into effect, with rates in the National Capital Region ranging from PHP533 to PHP570 per day. Between June 6 and June 30 of last year, the minimum wage outside of Metro Manila increased, with values ranging from PHP306 to PHP470.

Despite the boost, Tulfo claimed that the rising cost of living has had a substantial impact on the inflation rate, which reached 8.7 percent in January, making it challenging for employees to live on their existing income.

He argued that the minimum wage is a vital tool for ensuring that workers have a minimal standard of life and for fostering economic expansion.

Tulfo’s resolution stated: “It is the state’s duty to see that the minimum wage is set at a level that affords workers a respectable quality of life, taking into account issues, such as inflation rates.”

In order to restore workers’ lost purchasing power across the nation, not just in Metro Manila, labor groups have advocated for another round of salary increases.

Tulfo emphasized the importance of raising the standard of living and quality of life for workers, especially those in lower income brackets, and making sure that policies regarding the increase in the minimum wage are just, efficient, and in line with the requirements of the workforce and the economy.

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