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For agribusiness ventures, CCC sees a need to strengthen its collaboration with DA.

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On Wednesday, the Climate Change Commission (CCC) aimed to expand its collaboration with the Department of Agriculture (DA) for new agricultural endeavors.

Albert dela Cruz Sr., a CCC Commissioner, stated in a statement that DA will help local government entities (LGUs) and other stakeholders build a “whole-of-nation and community” approach to addressing climate change and global warming.

The comment was made by Dela Cruz, who underlined the importance of pursuing agro-industrial efforts to safeguard the nation’s food and human security.

Dela Cruz visited Ocampo, Camarines Sur to talk about climate action plans with the town mayor, Ronald Allan Go, in keeping with the Marcos administration’s advocacy for sustainable development under the Local Climate Change Action Plan (LCCAP), according to the CCC.

Go’s office hosted the meeting, which was also attended by Presidential Adviser Undersecretary Rex Villegas, other local officials, and private supporters.

According to the CCC, dela Cruz and Go are considering working together to transform Ocampo town into the “country’s food basket,” especially in the Bicol region.

The National Meat Inspection Service may be able to guarantee secure and legal slaughtering facilities in the municipality, according to dela Cruz’s conversation with Mayor Go, the commission stated. Along with this, dela Cruz also spoke with the head of the local government about how the CCC might help create a comprehensive land use plan that would benefit his residents and the entire nation.

In order to assist the nation in implementing climate-resilient agricultural practices, CCC Vice Chairperson and Executive Director Robert Borje promised to continue scaling up cooperation with diverse sectors.

The Philippines is one of the most climate change susceptible countries in the world due to its geographic location and archipelagic structure.

Dela Cruz and Rachel Ann Herrera, a fellow CCC commissioner, highlighted numerous times how crucial it is for LGUs to work together quickly to undertake climate action across the country in order to achieve sustainable development.

Dela Cruz and Herrera both thought that more environmentally friendly jobs and other pro-environment initiatives would help the nation adapt to and benefit from the phenomenon while reducing its negative effects.

As frequently stated by our beloved President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Romualdez Marcos Jr., “Climate action has no political hue. We should all work together to resolve this problem with each other’s assistance, according to dela Cruz.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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