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Asia’s best under $5M airport is Mactan-Cebu Airport. Group: Routes

On Thursday, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA) committed to upholding its standards in turning the central Philippines’ top airport into a significant gateway.

This came about when MCIAA was recognized as Asia’s Best Airport among 200 airports in the Asia Pacific on Wednesday at the Routes Asia Awards in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in the “5 million passenger category.”

The busiest airport in the Visayas received praise for its efforts to boost traveler numbers despite the worldwide health crisis brought on by the coronavirus disease (Covid-19) and other disasters.

Routes Asia stated in a statement on its website that GMCAC (GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation) “has always taken a two-pronged approach to route development: airline marketing to create supply and destination marketing to ensure the sustainability of its airline partners’ presence and address the demand for air services.”

As they implement their recovery plans for 2023, airports, airlines, and destinations are recognized by Routes Marketing for their outstanding achievements during their 2022 streak.

Aines Liboro, Ivan Romano, and Inaki Ponio from the GMCAC attended the presentation of the MCIAA award to attorneys Tani-Angub Gaviola, Naomi Arcayan, Elmar Tagaloguin, and Jemar Nietes.

The Routes Asia 2023 Awards, which haven’t been given out since 2019, “return for the first time since 2019 to honor the outstanding work done by airlines, airports, and destinations in 2022 as well as their ongoing plan for 2023,” according to a statement from GMCAC.

MCIAA General Manager and CEO Julius Neri Jr. credited the cooperation of the federal and local governments and the public-private collaboration between the airport’s private management and the governing board in running the main gateway in Central Visayas.

The Department of Tourism and the Department of Transportation provided the airport with amazing support. We owe (Secretaries) Christina Garcia Frasco and Jaime Bautista a debt of gratitude for helping us recover from the effects of Typhoon Odette and the Covid-19 outbreak, Neri said in an interview with the Philippine News Agency.

Neri also mentioned the assistance of the provincial government, claiming that Governor Gwendolyn Garcia’s endeavors for peace, development, and tourism contributed to boosting high levels of tourist traffic in Cebu.

In order to compete for greater recognition in a different category for the prize the next year, he promised to do more.

The effort’s marketing as a destination is what significantly increased arrivals from nil following Typhoon Odette to 2 million in the latter part of 2022. Moreover, the MCIAA and GMCAC’s public-private collaboration is exemplified by this in the most ideal way, he continued.

In a separate statement, GMCAC Director Rafael Aboitiz stated that the award demonstrated their steadfast commitment to resuming pre-pandemic connectivity while implementing plans for both airline and destination marketing.

The second busiest airport in the Philippines, MCIA, is situated on a 797-hectare property in Lapu-Lapu City on Mactan Island.

DOT was also recognized as the winner in the “Destination Category” on Wednesday during the ceremony, with praise for its “continuous efforts to partner with airports and airlines to reestablish discontinued routes and obtain new air services.”

Singapore Changi Airport was named the overall winner of this year’s awards due to the hub’s growing traffic, which reached 32.2 million passenger movements in 2018 from 3.1 million in 2021, according to Routes.

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