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DSWD releases the FMS-FYI page in response to the PBBM’s call for digitalization

The Finance and Management Service – For Your Information (FMS-FYI) page, a resource site that will house the department’s financial and management-related information, has been launched by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD).

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Rex Gatchalian, secretary of the DWSD, stated that the action was taken in response to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

“I am grateful that the FMS itself asked me to do a digital push. According to what I hear, the department designed this program internally in order to comply with the President’s order to digitize everything. Homegrown means you are creating independently, he stated in his keynote address at the launch on February 14.

A variety of stakeholders can access the FMS-FYI, which was created by the DSWD’s Information and Communications Technology Management Service, to gather information and knowledge resources, including published news and press releases, copies of speeches and quote cards, a photo and video gallery, announcements, downloadable forms, copies of issuances, and the FMS standard operating procedures.

“I’m very, very impressed because the very spirit is the spirit of innovation, the spirit of wanting to be better than what we are,” he added. “You want to better yourselves, you want to better the improvement in the delivery of services, and that is why you built this homegrown FMS system.”

The DSWD expressed the hope that its employees and other interested parties will be able to use the FMS-FYI reference site effectively for all DSWD financial-related issues.

Bit.ly/FMSFYI might be used to visit the FMS Resource Site.

The DSWD’s response to digitalization was timed to coincide with its third-place finish in the government service category of the survey and research project “Philippines’ Best Employers 2023,” which was carried out by the Philippine Daily Inquirer in collaboration with Statista, a Hamburg-based market research firm.

In terms of overall ranking among the top 300 best employers in 2023, the DSWD took 54th place.

Across 27 different areas, including government services, aerospace and defense, banking and financial services, education, and health care, the research included almost 100,000 proposals.

The ranking is the conclusion of a thorough investigation that included thousands of evaluations, employee views, and scores from competing businesses.

The outcome demonstrated the DSWD’s good working connection with its employees while retaining an efficient distribution of social protection programs to its clients and stakeholders, the weak, impoverished, and disadvantaged segments of society.

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