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In the West PH Sea problem, PH is dedicated to “diplomacy and dialogue”: DFA

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Enrique Manalo, the Philippines’ secretary of foreign affairs, stated on Monday that his country is still dedicated to using diplomacy and negotiation to settle disagreements in the West Philippine Sea.

Manalo stated that the position has always been taken by the nation despite “recent or ongoing actions which are inconsistent with United Nations (UN) Convention on the Law of the Sea and the 2002 Declaration” during a joint press conference following a bilateral meeting with German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock on the fringes of the Munich Security Conference.

According to Manalo, “We are united with Germany in the rule of law, supporting all nations to sustain a rules-based international order and the necessity for all governments to resolve their issues by peaceful methods and in line with international law.”

He stated, “Since then, Germany has also continued to support the principles set forth in the UN Convention of the Law of the Sea and has supported discussions and work being done between ASEAN and China in the adoption of a code of conduct with the South China Sea.

A Chinese security vessel was previously accused of aiming a military-grade laser at a Filipino patrol boat in the West Philippine Sea, around 20 kilometers from Ayungin Shoal.

Huang Xilian, the Chinese ambassador to the Philippines, received a phone call from President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. to express grave worry over Beijing’s “growing frequency and severity of measures” in the region.

According to Baerbock, Germany is a strong supporter of international law and the peaceful resolution of disputes in the South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific region.

This, she explained, “means that anytime a country asserts marine claims, those claims need to be clarified first and foremost within the context of international law, in this particular case within the framework of the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.”

She pointed out that there are numerous areas of cooperation in the two countries bilateral ties with Germany.

Initiatives to combat climate change, renewable energy, conflicts involving human rights, and interpersonal relationships are all included.

“We want to increase and improve the partnership in Germany in the area of qualified and skilled personnel. The Philippines’ top trading partner in the EU, according to her, is this country.

“As I mentioned, thousands of talented and qualified Filipino workers are employed in Germany, and we felt that you should be aware of their experience and credentials. Many people have benefited greatly from their assistance, both professionally and personally, she continued.

In order to continue working with German colleagues on specific concerns, Manalo stated that the Filipino government is eager to improve relations with Germany in all the areas highlighted.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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