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The largest vegetable greenhouse complex will be in Bulacan.

The largest vegetable greenhouse plant in the Philippines will be constructed in this town in the province of Bulacan by Manny V. Pangilinan’s Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) in collaboration with the Israeli company LR Group.

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The 22-hectare Metro Pacific Fresh Farms (MPFF) will receive close to PHP1 billion in investment, according to Jovy Hernandez, president, and chief executive officer of Metro Pacific Agro Ventures, Inc. (MPAV), who made the announcement on the sidelines of the groundbreaking ceremony on Monday.

According to Hernandez, MPFF wants to supply its vegetable crops to Metro Manila, which has a sizable vegetable market.

Also, the facility’s proximity to the National Capital Region (NCR) makes logistics simpler and less expensive.

The project, according to Pangilinan, president, and chief executive officer of MPIC, helps the government achieve its goal of food security.

An independent Philippines in terms of agriculture is the goal of these investments, he claimed. “We want to contribute to the development of a country that can feed all of its citizens.”

He also stated that MPAV seeks to cut food prices by boosting domestic food production.

Hence, Pangilinan assured reporters, “We make sure that costs are reasonable and we will make sure that we are able to boost the supply of veggies, especially for Metro Manila.”

In recent months, the country’s inflation has been driven by the increasing price of vegetables due to supply problems.

“Entering the world of industrial farming is the real struggle. To accomplish the scale and cost, it takes a lot of land—hundreds of thousands of hectares, according to Pangilinan.

The approach is currently being used by farm producers in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand, he claimed, therefore the company is considering land leasing rather than purchasing real estate.

Additionally, MPFF will introduce Israeli innovations through its relationship with LR Group, modernizing the nation’s agriculture and bolstering sustainable farming methods.

The entire value chain, including seedling production, vegetable cultivation, sorting, packing, and marketing, will be housed at the San Rafael greenhouse complex.

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