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New Bold U returns with a 4-day masterclass to upskill CEOs and entrepreneurs amid the rise of AI, Web3, and emerging technologies

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New Bold University, the locally inspired version of Silicon Valley-based Singularity University, is returning for its 2023 Masterclass with the theme, “New Bold U 2023: The Country’s Biggest Gathering of the Passionate,” on March 1-4, 2023, at the University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City.

Headed by 2022 Gen T List Awardee and serial entrepreneur Ralph Layco, New Bold U is set to help executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals upskill, reinvent themselves, and stand out in a competitive job market increasingly transformed by Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotic processes, digital solution platforms, web3, and blockchain, to name a few.

“Reinventing ourselves should be the most important skill of the century. During these evolving and disruptive times, it is no longer about our college degree that will identify with our name. It will be updated skills and mindset on how we can move forward with this,” said Layco.

“New Bold U has a crucial role of creating a space, bringing in change-makers, and reflecting on changes impacting our lives because, in the future, we’re going to lose more jobs to AI and other emerging technologies, even in traditional industries like marketing, customer service, or sales,” he added.

New Bold U invited more than 20 speakers and mentors to share valuable insights on how to stay market-ready and relevant amid the rise of disruptive technologies and discuss entrepreneurship, scaling, Facebook and Tiktok advertising, marketing, startup, finance, law, and mental health.

Some of the speakers of the 4-day masterclass include:

  • Steve Sy, Father of Filipino E-Commerce and founder of Great Deals
  • ER Rollan, CEO of Growsari, which was awarded the best B2B e-commerce brand across Southeast Asia
  • Nina Cabrera, CEO of Niv Della Beauty Innovations, which operates beauty brands Colourette Cosmetics and Fresh Formula
  • Randell Tiongson, author, columnist, and speaker on personal finance
  • Cherry Pua Africa, an NFT expert, author, and founder of The World Stage International Network
  • Constantin Robertz, founder and CEO of cloud logistics platform Locad
  • Kia Abrera, creative entrepreneur and founder of Likha Summit
  • Alec Cuenca, host of the top-rated Spotify podcast “Small Talk”
  • Lowel Magdadaro, founder and chairman of Shantahl Direct Sales, Inc.
  • Kaye Layco, co-Founder and CEO of Noah Solutions

New Bold U’s mission this year is to spark 500-plus founders, entrepreneurs, and passionate people into a life of abundance and impact. “Through NBU, we want them to actually provide a discourse, tickle their minds, and help them realize they are needed to bring new ideas back to their communities and organizations,” said Layco.

Founded in 2019, New Bold U has produced outstanding thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who have become CEOs and produced relevant solutions to respective industries.

New Bold U invites all executives, founders, and aspiring entrepreneurs in the country to join this year’s edition. You may visit https://newboldu.com/ or their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/newboldu for more details on the enrollment process.


About NBU

The New Bold University (NBU) is a transformational pop-up campus for lifelong learners who are committed to achieving their fullest potential. It is designed to be a cohesive curriculum whose thrust is to hone and unleash a person’s potential by uncovering their strengths, their personality, their passions, and their unique gifts, then accelerate it.  We curated a breadth of classes by experts to help them maximize their passions and ideas and hone real-world skills. Plus, we will provide everyone an opportunity to create their network of fellow passionate people they can start lifelong friendships and connections with. NBU is founded by Ralph Layco, 2019 Asia’s Most Outstanding Marketer, Department of Tourism Consultant and Co-founder of Macho Mucho, the fastest-growing elite barber chain in Mindanao. For more information, visit https://newboldu.com/.

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