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According to CCC, the agribusiness industry must grow to ensure food productivity.

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The country’s agriculture sector must be strengthened, according to the Climate Change Commission (CCC), in order to lessen the effects of climate change on food production.

CCC Commissioner Albert dela Cruz stated in a statement that the government should start taking steps to promote the agriculture sector and create connections with other nations for collaborative initiatives.

Dela Cruz made the statement while bemoaning how the nation’s agri-food system is being impacted by climate change.

According to a recent assessment by the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (UNFAO), 2.3 billion people will lack access to sufficient food in 2021. Dela Cruz noted that the research just highlighted “serious food insecurity that has worsened globally and in every region,” which is equivalent to “almost 30 percent of the world’s population.”

Dela Cruz added that in addition to climate change, the government should address the pandemic and other international problems like the crisis in Russia and Ukraine that affect food production and distribution and aggravate the nation’s “already weak food economy.”

He claimed that the CCC’s recommendation for addressing climate change is to embrace “data-driven and science-based” measures.

Dela Cruz emphasized the necessity for the government to safeguard the ecosystem and the world in order to guarantee that Filipinos have access to enough food and support local farmers in dealing with the crisis.

In order to provide our farmers, fishermen, forest rangers, and agricultural producers with the tools they need to be productive, resilient, and effective, Dela Cruz said, “we must look [at] data-driven and science-based policy decisions while focusing [on] leveraging innovation and science, technology, and new strategies.”

Members of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) are stepping up their efforts to secure food security in the area and combat global climate change by pursuing sustainable productivity growth in response to the UNFAO study.

The United States (US), which is hosting APEC this year, has suggested creating a set of universal guidelines that can help member nations create resilient agri-food systems.

The plan also acts as a roadmap for regional cooperation to advance agricultural and food-focused sustainable development, economic security, environmental commitments, and trade as APEC works to increase regional food security.

Last year, the region’s agriculture and food ministers approved an Implementation Plan of the Food Security Roadmap Towards 2030 to guide and coordinate initiatives, programs, and activities aimed at achieving food security.

The Food Security Roadmap Towards 2030, which has six focal areas, including digitization and innovation, productivity, inclusivity, sustainability, public-private partnerships, and smart goals, is currently being discussed by APEC countries.

The CCC, on the other hand, had committed to strengthening collaboration with diverse sectors in order to aid the nation in implementing climate-resilient agricultural methods.

In order to pursue more agricultural endeavors, the commission also sought to improve its collaboration with the Department of Agriculture.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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