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Solon: In a restructuring, contractual workers will receive new government positions.

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On Thursday, a lawmaker stressed the need of ensuring the security of tenure of government employees and officers with legal appointments when implementing government restructuring plans.

The government should be able to retain individuals who have worked as appointive officials and as employees with valid appointments because they are already familiar with government policies, operations, and procedures, according to Bohol Representative Kristine Alexie Tutor, chair of the House Committee on Civil Service and Professional Regulation.

According to her, the preference for appointment to new positions in the new approved staffing pattern does not apply to appointive officials and employees who do not have a permanent appointment under the current law and regulations on government restructuring.

She also mentioned that there “There are hundreds of thousands of contract workers and job order (JO) personnel waiting for plantilla appointments.

A new presidential order sanctioning a reorganization plan in a particular department of an agency, a new statute forming a new government agency, or a merging of some government offices into surviving offices are the most common ways, according to tutor.

In the new staffing pattern that results from a government reorganization, she claimed that House Bill (HB) 7027 would require the preferential appointment of officers and employees with valid appointments, and they would be on “equal footing” during the reorganization process with officials and employees with permanent appointments.

Tutor emphasized that HB 7027’s most important clause permits promotion during reorganization.

“If HB 7027 becomes law, it will protect the security of tenure of those holding regular and permanent positions in the civil service by ensuring that they will still have their jobs after the government is downsized and reorganized, “The teacher said.

“As for those employees with a non-permanent status, they would be taken into consideration for the open positions once those with regular and permanent roles have been assigned to new posts,” she continued.

She added that people who will be put in comparable positions do not need to meet the eligibility and qualification standards and that they only do so if the transfer results in a promotion to a higher level.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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