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DHL Express updates its aircraft in the Philippines

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DHL Express has upgraded its specialized aircraft in the country that can load higher capacity and fulfill the increased logistics demand in response to the positive business operations as the Philippines reopens the economy from the coronavirus illness 2019 (Covid-19) limitations.

On Thursday, DHL Express introduced its most recent A330-300 aircraft, an improvement above the A300.

Commercial head of DHL Express Philippines Eric Queppet stated during a media event that e-commerce has continued to fuel the expansion of the company’s Filipino operations.

“Our source of growth is still e-commerce. What we are observing is that this is a consistent market that is actually fueling growth for our company, including deliveries given that these are people who shop online and request direct delivery to their homes and workplaces. Even after the pandemic, we still anticipate development from this industry, and the economy is expanding, according to Queppet.

He claimed that over the years, the company’s expansion was supported by the computer sector, the automobile, and retail industries, as well as specific parcels delivered by and for Filipinos living abroad.

In light of the positive economic prognosis for the Philippines, Queppet stated that the company expects this trend to persist.

We can see that the Philippines’ GDP (gross domestic product) growth will be quite favorable as predicted by various organizations, including the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and World Bank. And we’re counting on that optimistic projection to support the Philippines’ growth, which is expected to come primarily from the SME (small and medium-sized firm) market as well as our tech and automotive industries,” he continued.

Nigel Lockett, the country manager for DHL Express Philippines, said the company keeps expanding and enhancing its operations there.

In order to better serve our customers, ensure that we are ready to assist their global expansion, and meet market expectations, we have purchased bigger, larger aircraft, according to Lockett.

The new aircraft for DHL Express boosted its capacity from 42 tons to 55 tons by switching from an A300 to an A330-300.

It has two compartment classifications: the main deck compartment, which can hold larger unit load devices and can fit 26 positions, and the lower compartment, which used to have 22 places but is currently made up of 32 positions.

The aircraft operates 12 flights per week on the route between Hong Kong and Manila, Cebu, Manila, and Hong Kong.

The aircraft for Air Hong Kong, according to DHL Express’s chief of operations Promod George, came from their joint venture with Cathay Pacific. The relationship will end in 2033 after a period of 15 years.

“We continually examine our loads and weights to see whether we should add more aircraft. Due to increased demand during the Covid (coronavirus illness 2019) time, we have added more planes. And once more, during the year, we examine various areas to determine whether there is a need to add more planes in the future.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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