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There are no conclusive explanations regarding the origin of Covid-19 in a lab.

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Jake Sullivan, the national security adviser for the US, stated on Sunday that there is no “definitive answer” to whether the virus that sparked the Covid-19 outbreak originated in a lab.

When the Wall Street Journal reported that the US Energy Department had determined that the epidemic “most likely began from a laboratory leak,” CNN requested Sullivan to comment on the report.

The intelligence community has a wide range of opinions, according to Sullivan, who added that others have claimed to simply lack the necessary data.

“President Biden has repeatedly urged every member of our intelligence community to devote time and resources to solving this mystery. The Wall Street Journal piece also included the Department of Energy, which I can’t confirm or deny, but I will mention it anyhow. Because he wants to employ all available resources to determine what happened, President Biden specifically asked that the Department of Energy’s national labs be included in this assessment, according to Sullivan.

When a clear solution is found, the information will be disclosed to Congress and the American people, he stressed. (

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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