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Hyperscale data center construction in the Philippines excites PBBM

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On Thursday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. welcomed the proposal to build two hyperscale data centers in Luzon, stating that it will help his administration’s push for digital transformation.

Following a status update on the proposed hyperscale data center projects in the Philippines, Marcos met with officials of infrastructure development companies ENDEC Development Corp. and Diode Ventures, LLC, at the State Dining Room of Malacaan Palace.

According to a statement from the Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Secretary Cheloy Garafil, the two businesses told Marcos of their ongoing discussions to construct hyperscale data centers in Tarlac province and New Clark City during the meeting.

According to Marcos, the Philippines would be able to catch up to other nations in terms of digitization thanks to the planned development of hyperscale data centers.

“This is crucial to us. When it comes to digitalization, we are behind. One of our top priorities is to push for data centers, fiber optics, and satellite technology “According to Marcos as cited by the PCO.

“We are actively promoting digitization. I appreciate your ongoing curiosity about the Philippines “He told the ENDEC and Diode Ventures executives.

Hyperscale data centers are enormous, mission-critical buildings constructed by businesses with enormous data processing and storage requirements.

The facilities are built to effectively handle dependable, scalable applications that are frequently connected to big data-generating businesses like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft.

Hyperscale data centers, in contrast to conventional data centers, have more than 5,000 servers and 10,000 square feet.

The successful roundtable meeting Marcos had with American business executives in September 2022 in New York, according to Garafil, led to the projects.

ENDECGROUP, INC. and DIODE VENTURES, LLC participated in the roundtable discussion on digital infrastructure on September 22 of last year while Marcos was in New York.

According to Garafil, ENDEC has made a commitment to begin the project in the first quarter of 2024. For its electricity needs to support its energy-demanding data center operations, ENDEC will collaborate with a local Renewable Energy (RE) company.

ENDEC, according to Garafil, would support the 700 megawatts per month of electricity usage of its data centers using “100 percent” RE from solar, wind, and water sources.

According to ENDEC, it would acquire different energy sources to guarantee that its operation wouldn’t disrupt the nation’s power grids, the PCO chairman stated.

William Johnson, the managing director of ENDECGROUP, Inc., Ernest Calayag, the COO of ENDEC Inc., and Brad Hardin, the president of Diode Ventures, LLC, were present at the meeting with Marcos.

Ivan John Uy of the Department of Information and Communications Technology, Alfredo Pascual of the Department of Commerce, and Frederick Go of the Office of the Presidential Advisor on Investment and Economic Affairs were also present.

The primary developer of the projects is ENDEC Development Corp., a division of ENDECGROUP, Inc.

More than 100 projects, including water systems, blending plants, schools, training centers, specialist diagnostic laboratories, and landing zone pads, have been completed by ENDEC, Inc. over the previous 22 years.

On the other side, ENDEC Development Corp.’s development partner is Diode Ventures, LLC, a division of the international business Black & Veatch (BV).

The company was founded in 2017 and focuses on the creation of data centers and renewable energy projects.

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