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PH is a “stable” trading partner and sourcing location, according to Marcos

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President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. declared on Friday that the Philippines is a “trusted” trading partner and a destination for sourcing, promoting the “Filipino brand of excellence” in presenting Philippine-made goods.

Marcos praised the Filipinos’ “unique” goods and services at the maiden “Tanyag: An Evening with International Trade Partners” at Taguig City’s Shangri-La The Fort.

Attended by corporate executives and diplomatic allies, the gathering, according to Marcos, gave him “a renewed sense of confidence” that the nation will “rise above the economic losses and emerge stronger than ever.”

He emphasized that the word “tanyag,” which means “notable, famous, celebrated, and excellent” in Filipino, “appropriately describes the core of Filipino products and services,” in his opinion.

No matter where [Filipinos] are in the world, our products have a distinctiveness that is unmatched, according to Marcos. And so, I firmly believe that the Philippines is a trustworthy partner and a good place to find suppliers for a variety of trade sectors, including home, fashion, lifestyle, food, creativity, and sustainability.

By several initiatives of his present administration, Marcos promised that the Philippines would turn into “an ideal player” in the export industry.

According to him, the government has implemented a number of measures to create a “enabling environment” for enterprises, strengthen the nation’s infrastructure, and increase local capabilities required for the expansion and development of the export sector.

For instance, Marcos said, “We are developing high-quality and competitive Philippine goods and services that can meet the demands of buyers and producers everywhere.

He continued, “We are also stepping up our trade promotion efforts to assist create chances for small enterprises in the international market.

Because it aims to make transactions “faster and more securely,” Marcos claimed that his administration’s initiative to restructure the country’s economy would also assist boost economic activity there.

In addition to allowing technology and knowledge transfers to local industry, he said, “our drive to attract foreign investors” also aims to build a strong export ecosystem within the nation.

Marcos also stated that the Philippine Export Development Plan 2023–2028 would be completed faster by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in order to implement a comprehensive plan that will align the priorities of key stakeholders, produce high-quality export goods, and broaden the country’s global reach.

Citing how “innovation, excellence, and sustainability connect with Filipino creativity and resourcefulness to secure the requirements of our time,” he expressed confidence that the Philippines will become a “destination of choice” for business.

I urge you to witness the dawn here in the Philippines as we emerge from the economic darkness that has enveloped us for the past five years, Marcos stated. We will be able to demonstrate the actual meaning of “tanyag” and rejoice in our group’s accomplishments in the years to come with your help, I’m sure.

“Tanyag,” a formal export trade networking event organized by the DTI through the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM), brings together different government agencies, business executives, and trade diplomatic partners.

The occasion aims to promote Philippine-made goods and services to the rest of the globe in an effort to strengthen the reputation of the Filipino people for excellence.

The government’s arm for export promotion, CITEM, aims to exploit the limitless potential of the export sector as a growth and development engine for the economy by advocating a whole-of-government and whole-of-nation strategy to promoting Filipino exports.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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