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PH IT sector expands in 2022, with DICT promising to maintain momentum

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A robust performance was reported by the nation’s information technology (IT) and business process management (BPM) sectors in 2022, as evidenced by the creation of thousands of new employees and an increase in the sector’s earnings.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) announced in a statement that in 2022, there will be 1.57 million full-time employees (FTEs) working in the IT-BPM industry, an increase of 12.0%, or 121,000 FTEs.

On the other side, the sector’s earnings rose to USD32.5 billion in 2022, above USD29.5 billion in 2021.

By 2028, the sector hopes to create 1.1 million more jobs and double its revenue, according to Jack Madrid, president and CEO of the Information Technology and Business Processing Association of the Philippines (IBPAP).

That is the only way, according to Madrid, that the industry can grow to employ 2.5 million people and bring in USD 59 billion in revenue for the nation.

According to the IBPAP, the IT-BPM sector will have roughly 1.7 million FTEs and USD35.9 billion in revenue by 2023.

Ivan John Uy, secretary of the DICT, provided an overview of his goals to assist the expansion of the IT-BPM industry through professional development and training programs like the DICT’s digitaljobsPH and the IT-BPM scaled upskilling programs during the event.

In order for the DICT to create training courses and programs “matched to the skills and capabilities” indicated by the IT-BPM companies, he established the Philippine skills framework.

Through this effort, we hope to assist our local talent in raising their educational standards and increasing their employability, according to Uy.

He also unveiled the “Leveraging the IT-BPM Industry and Nurturing Local Talents (LIFT)” program, which aims to further solidify the Philippines’ position as the top location for international investments in the services sector.

According to him, the program’s goals are to support IT-BPM professions, highlight Filipino talent, and create jobs in order to maintain the nation’s status as a major source of international outsourced services.

We must keep expanding the ICT infrastructure in the rural, according to Uy, if we want to solidify the Philippines’ position as the world’s top investment destination for global services.

He added that as part of the “Digital Cities 2025” program, the DICT collaborates with the IBPAP and the Leechiu Property Consultants to advance the IT-BPM sector and “guarantee decent work and economic growth,”, particularly in rural areas.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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