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Lobbied for increased fire prevention awareness

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As the nation honors Fire Prevention Month in March, Senator Win Gatchalian has asked for a more aggressive preventative awareness effort to stop fire occurrences.

After directing the Friday distribution of aid supplies to more than 1,000 fire victim families in Piapi, Davao City, Gatchalian made the decision.

Gatchalian, the primary author of Republic Act (RA) 11592, also known as the LPG Industry Regulatory Act, advised people to handle liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) properly to prevent fires because slightly more than 50% of households rely on it for everyday cooking.

In order to reduce LPG-fire-related disasters, RA 11592 seeks to resolve regulatory deficiencies in the sector. This includes ensuring that dangerous tanks are removed from circulation.

The law also formalizes the scheme for exchanging and swapping empty LPG cylinders, allowing customers to bring any brand to any retailer and use it to buy another brand that the retailer sells.

To protect consumers, the LPG Cylinder Improvement Program makes sure that all cylinders in use are of a high caliber.

“Making mapagmatyag sa paligid and making mapanuri sa mga LPG cylinder. We should be cautious and thoroughly inspect the LPG cylinder we purchase. Siguraduhing nakasara ang tangke ng LPG sa tuwing hindi ito ginagamit upang maiwasan ang aksidente na maaaring kumitil ng buhay. To avoid any fatal accidents, keep the LPG tank closed while not in use, Gatchalian advised in a news release on Sunday.

Additionally, he stated that efficient fire prevention initiatives, especially in impoverished areas, will empower locals to confront fire threats and effectively handle such occurrences.

“Our group of kababayans is kailangang maging maalam in terms of fire prevention. Individuals should be aware of how to avoid fires, so they can use fire extinguishers on their own property and safely use fire hydrants, if necessary. Put a fire extinguisher in your residence and be aware of the closest fire hydrants, he said.

He mentioned that because it was difficult for them to use their equipment due to the limited and difficult-to-access routes, firemen needed some time to declare the fire-out in the Davao City fire on February 25.

According to the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration, March is one of the warmest months in the nation, with temperature and humidity reaching their highest levels across the archipelago. As a result, March is recognized as Fire Prevention Month in the country.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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