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PBBM: KALAP will increase farmers’ and MSMEs’ productivity and profitability

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The Kapatid Angat Lahat for Agricultural Program (KALAP), according to President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr., will enable farmers and micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) to become “productive, lucrative, sustainable, and globally competitive.”

He said this after seeing the formal signing of the KALAP implementation memorandum of agreement (MOA) between the government and private sector in the ceremonial hall of the Malacaan Palace.

The MOA was signed by representatives of the Departments of Agriculture, Interior and Local Government, Environment and Natural Resources, Trade and Industry, and the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples. It was also witnessed by the heads of Go Negosyo, the National Tobacco Authority, the Philippine Coconut Authority, the National Irrigation Administration, and the National Tobacco Authority.

In his remarks, Marcos emphasized the value of public-private collaborations in addressing issues facing the nation’s MSMEs and agriculture sectors.

It cannot be done unless the various sectors of society work together and try to implement a plan with a common understanding of what is needed to be done, with a common understanding of what people need, without forgetting every part of that sector or that area of the economy, he said. “I have always said that in the difficulties that we are facing ahead, there is no sector of society that can manage the recovery by itself,” he said.

He claimed that while big firms are important in fostering their growth and reaching their potential, MSMEs are essential in generating new ideas, jobs, and money for the nation.

Marcos also expressed optimism that his goals for the nation’s upcoming generation of farmers, which include utilizing the greatest technology with total value chain support, would someday come true.

He said, “One day we will achieve this, but we need all of you and we need everyone in our society to come together to be able to do this.

praises to all

Joey Concepcion, the creator of Go Negosyo and the leader of the PSAC’s jobs group, was hailed by Marcos for being a “prominent” player in establishing PPPs to support MSMEs and farmers.

He has been doing this for the majority of his professional life, but we have just recently noticed him as prominent. According to the speaker, he merits a hearty round of applause for all the effort he has accomplished.

He, too, reaffirmed support for these alliances and voiced confidence that doing so would spur farmers and MSMEs to advance “more quickly.”

These relationships, he continued, “are precisely the kinds of alliances that we are aiming to bring together, and ones that Go Negosyo has been cultivating for many, many years.

At the occasion, Marcos also had a humorous exchange with 98-year-old Palawan coconut farmer Mana Buanoy Layom.

Lionheart Farms, one of the largest big brother organizations supporting small farmers, benefits Layom.

The KALAP is a public-private sector partnership initiative that was first established in 2016 and uses the Go Negosyo paradigm of giving MSMEs access to funding, markets, and mentoring to promote inclusive economic growth.

It also intends to foster the development of agri-preneurs so they may compete on a global scale and assist the nation’s MSMEs in the agriculture sector.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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