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Marcos commends exceptional public servants and urges others to follow suit

At the awards ceremony held in the Ceremonial Hall of the Malacanang Palace on Wednesday, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. honored the accomplishments of “exceptional” public officials and thanked them for having a long-lasting influence on the government and society.

In his remarks, Marcos congratulated the recipients of the government worker awards for going “the additional mile” in carrying out their responsibilities and for inspiring others in their fields and communities.

He told the recipients of the awards in the Ceremonial Hall of the Malacanang Palace, “You deserve a thundering round of applause for this and for all the great influence you made with your service.

Marcos praised the recipients’ accomplishments and added that they merited recognition and rewards for their efforts.

He claimed that the entire country was appreciative of the government employees who were content to work quietly and didn’t feel the need to boast about their accomplishments.

Not only do I congratulate you on your achievement, but also on the service you have rendered to the Filipino people. You have unequivocally shown that the core of your efforts is a kind and sincere heart,” he remarked.

Let this event serve as a warning to all government employees that it is possible to provide service that is motivated by compassion and love for the nation and its people.

Marcos expressed the hope that their success would motivate other public officials and regular people to contribute to nation-building.

“May the examples set by our winners encourage everyone in the Philippines, not just those in government, to actively take part in our efforts to realize the national development goal. May today’s celebration serves as a clarion call for us all to embrace our part in improving the lives of all Filipinos, he remarked.

He claimed that working for the government entails “huge duty and accountability.”

Being in the government necessitates proclaiming patriotism, integrity, excellence in every single duty, and a deep and passionate love of the nation, he stated, regardless of one’s rank or employment situation.

Government employees, he added, must also possess a moral core since they are expected to put the needs of others ahead of their own.
“Not everyone is suited for a career in government. Giving yourself completely day by day in sincere and selfless service is an investment that only some can make, he remarked.

Government employees, according to Marcos, are “fortunate” to have the nation’s trust freely bestowed upon them.

“A public trust is a public office. Let’s honor that trust by providing for them with the best care, effectiveness, and integrity,” he stated.

He expressed his confidence in the promise of “a better and more inclusive Philippines for all,” which he claimed will be the result of all his efforts.

He continued, “This is your day, and today you should be celebrated for the fantastic work that you have done. I’m honored to be here with you and to be with these outstanding public employees who have proved that public service is a service that we undertake out of love for our nation and for our fellow Filipinos.

Marcos also expressed gratitude to the members of the Civil Service Commission (CSCS) for organizing the ceremony.

He stated, “It is a laborious procedure that you go through to give excellent individuals their due recognition is highly appreciated, as this motivates employees from across our numerous government organizations to remain firm in performing their vows to the public.

The Honor Awards Program (HAP), an annual CSC event, honors public service leaders and aims to inspire and motivate civil servants to elevate the standard of their work and take a more active role in the public good.

The Presidential Lingkod Bayan (PLB), the CSC Pagasa Award, and the Outstanding Public Officers and Workers Award (DNB) are the three categories under the HAP.

The Filipino government bestows these awards, which are the highest and most valued distinction, on individuals or groups of people who have excelled or demonstrated the uttermost dedication and commitment to public service.

There are six CSC Pagasa awardees and ten Dangal ng Bayan Award winners for 2022.

From among the finalists, two people and four organizations were chosen as the Presidential Lingkod Bayan Award winners.

All honorees are eligible for cash prizes ranging from PHP100,000 to PHP200,000, as well as presidential plaques and gold-gilded medallions made by the Bangko Sentral ng Philippines.

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