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Comelec plans to employ new technology for the 2025 elections.

The Commission on Elections (Comelec) is considering whether to incorporate modern technology in the national elections of 2025.

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George Garcia, the chairman of the Comelec, stated on Thursday that they intend to incorporate biometrics technology into the new election system they would be utilizing for the 2025 elections.

“The Comelec is thinking about replacing its outdated equipment with modern technology. We’re discussing the alleged incorporation of biometrics technology into the devices. We have all the biometrics, including fingerprint, signature, and facial. A voter’s ability to vote from one province to another city will no longer be an issue if these are included in the Terms of Reference, according to the head of the polling organization.

Nonetheless, Garcia claimed that when choosing the kind of technology they will employ, money is the key issue.

“The budget must constantly be taken into account. We cannot afford a certain technology if we desire it but it is too pricey. Ideally, the Comelec will be permitted to deploy new equipment and technology in 2025 based on the summit’s strategic planning advice.

The Comelec chairman announced that they will stop using voting equipment (VCMs).

“The Comelec is adamant about setting aside 98,000 VCMs. We are positive that we don’t need that machine any longer, he declared.

Garcia noted that on the other hand, if they were to employ modern equipment, they would just lease it rather than buy it.

“Leasing the machines is the best strategy. Considering that buying is expensive and we don’t currently have a warehouse. It’s always new if it’s a lease, he remarked.

The May 2022 polls were the last time the VCMs were used. In the 2010’s elections, it was first employed.

Vice President Sara Duterte, on the other hand, asked the Comelec to take into account doing away with the shading or handwriting on ballots during elections.

“As you consider improvements in the electoral process, maybe we can go to something better than coloring the ballots or writing on the ballots,” she said on the second day of the first-ever National Election Summit in Pasay City.

The summit’s three days come to a close on Friday.

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