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Coast Guard asks for help from the US to find the cause of the oil disaster

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In order to stop an oil spill in Oriental Mindoro that is rapidly spreading to other coastal areas, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) revealed on Saturday that it had asked the United States for assistance.

On February 28, the M/T Princess Empress, which was carrying 800,000 liters of diesel fuel, capsized off the coast of Naujan.

According to PCG Commandant Admiral Artemio Abu, the oil slick has already spread to other municipalities, with Caluya Island, Antique, recording the furthest spread.

It was claimed on Friday that the oil spill has made it to Barangay Casian in Taytay, Palawan, which is around 159 nautical miles or 295 kilometers from the scene of the Naujan accident.

He stated at the Saturday News Forum in Quezon City, “I have submitted a letter to the Embassy of the United States through the Coast Guard informing them that we need assistance.

The letter’s content is broad and just asks for what they can supply, he continued, using an example of equipment as an example of what it should contain.

Although the country’s technology to stop oil leaks from the ship itself has “limited depth coverage,” Abu claimed the tanker had sunk at least 389 meters below the water’s surface.

“(We need a) remote(ly) operated vehicle (ROV). Ito ang pinakamahalaga. Ang first objective natin is to contain the oil from the source (This is the most important thing. Our first objective is to contain the oil from the source),” he said.

He claimed that although the Philippines had a modern ROV, it could not dive that far.

Additional support

After meeting with the PCG and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, a delegation from Japan came on Friday (DENR).

In addition to other foreign specialists and coast guards eager to help the Philippines, the DENR previously reported that South Korea has stated its intention to assist in controlling the leak.

On Monday, representatives from different agencies will meet with PCG staff members.

There are many people that are bansa-prising in this area. On Monday, several of them promised to assist our nation. The Philippine Coast Guard will meet with representatives from various states on Monday to discuss how they might help the Coast Guard and the Filipino government deal with the oil spill situation, he added.

Abu responded that it’s possible when asked if Manila would be open to accepting assistance from China, whose coast guard ships have frequently been seen hanging out near Philippine waters.

He added that they would collaborate closely with other agencies to remove the slick as soon as possible in accordance with President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.’s directive to complete the cleanup in four months. The PCG could not yet determine the extent of recovery efforts needed until it has reached the wreckage, he said.

“Tayo po magtutulung-tulong” (We will help each other out). “This is a whole-of-government strategy; it’s not simply the Coast Guard’s work,” he said.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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