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There are plans to digitize additional LTO processes.

To better serve the public and its stakeholders, the Marcos Jr. administration is trying to digitize more of the Land Transportation Office’s (LTO) processes.

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“Isa sa mga ginagawa namin para mapagtibay ang digitalization ay talagang pinapadali namin iyong pag-transact ng mga publiko sa ahensya po namin (One of our initiatives is to digitalize our transactions at LTO),” Assistant Secretary Jose Arturo Tugade, LTO chief, said at the Saturday News Forum in Quezon City.

The LTO recently made it possible for private motor vehicle owners to renew their registration online. The LTO is responsible for registering vehicles, issuing driver’s licenses and conductor’s permits, enforcing transportation laws, rules, and regulations, and adjudicating apprehension cases.

Vehicle owners can renew their registration online with just two requirements: a Compulsory Third Party Liability auto insurance policy and an inspection receipt from a private motor vehicle inspection facility.

“Bukod doon, marami pa tayong mga problema na nakikita sa ating ahensya at iyong mga problema na iyon ay ina-analyze po natin, ini-evaluate natin (Aside from the we need to handle other concerns and we are now reviewing how we can computerize the process),” Tugade added.

The LTO chief stated that the organization will digitize transactions for dealers, manufacturers, assemblers, importers, and rebuilders in addition to simplifying license applications and car registration.

The digitalization initiatives, according to Tugade, are in addition to the government’s already-in-place procedures and safeguards against corruption and fixers.

In order to assist the agency in storing, managing, controlling, and maintaining its technological requirements, the department and the agency have signed a memorandum of understanding.

Capped fees for driving schools

Tugade stated on the same forum that by the end of the month, LTO will also issue an order capping driving school rates.

“Kami ngayon sa LTO, maglalabas kami ng regular rate fees na kailangang sundin ng ating mga driving schools,” he stated in response to worries about the high costs being levied by driving schools.

“Magkakaroon na iyan ng order from our office, po hindi matatapos iyong month of March. Malaki ang ginhawa at tulong na sana ang maibigay po ng LTO doon sa mga student driver applicants natin (This will released before the end of March and we hope that this would aid our student driver applicants),” the official continued.

According to Tugade, some schools purportedly charge up to PHP20,000. He cited objections from certain candidates.

He continued, “Once again, the standard fees that we will disclose are the maximum,” without mentioning the suggested ceiling price.

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