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To honor Women’s Month, female legislators preside over the House session.

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In honor of International Women’s Month, House Speaker Ferdinand G. Romualdez has appointed female MPs to preside over the meeting on Monday.

Romualdez’s wife, Rep. Yedda of the Tingog party list, has been designated to speak as part of the leadership’s appreciation of the important role women play in society.

Reps. Linabelle and others were also nominated as temporary presiding officers. Florida “Rida” P. Robes, Rosanna “Ria” V. Vergara, Lorna C. Silverio, Ma. Lucille L. Nava, Ruth Mariano-Hernandez, Midy N. Cua, Ysabel Maria J. Zamora, and Margarita “Atty. Migs” B. Nograles is among the names mentioned.

The Speaker is authorized to name a member as an interim presiding officer pursuant to Section 15(H), Rule IV of the House of Representatives, after notifying deputy speakers, provided that any such designation shall be effective for one session per day.

It is an honor to be here today with other ladies who devote their lives to improving the Philippines for our countrymen. Yedda Marie K. Romualdez made a brief opening statement before to plenary sessions, stating that women are effective change agents and that the progression of women in society, including more leadership and decision-making responsibilities, is a positive indicator of progress for all of us.

According to her, various parts of society are becoming increasingly conscious of the tremendous advantages of gender diversity and balance, realizing that civilizations where women are treated with respect and equality flourish.

“I welcome you all to this year’s all-women session here in Congress as part of our celebration of all women this National Women’s Month. As we continue to guide our country to a kinder and gentler world for the next generation of women, may this straightforward act of giving power to women serve as the foundation for constructive change, said Romualdez, who also serves as chair of the House Committee on Accounts.

She emphasized that women have been breaking down barriers and paving the way for other women to follow around the globe, starting with their fight for the right to vote and continuing with their ability to govern countries and have an impact on economies.

“The world can no longer deny us of our rightful role in society’s leadership,” she stated. “Women have become trailblazers and influential characters in their respective fields of specialization.

Data revealed that 1,941 out of the 4,037 staff and members of the House are women or 48 percent.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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