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Con-con measures were “extensively deliberated.” The Romualdez

All legislative measures, including the two on the proposed constitutional convention (con-con), have been “deliberated extensively and exhaustively” from the committee level up to the plenary hall, according to Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez on Wednesday.

After some lawmakers questioned the House’s haste in pushing for Charter change, Romualdez made the comments.

He claimed that the adoption of Resolution of Both Houses (RBH) No. 6 and its companion bill, House Bill (HB) 7352, calling for a hybrid con-con to propose amendments to the 1987 Constitution’s economic provisions, was done with the clear goal of changing the Charter’s restrictive provisions in order to draw in more foreign investment and produce high-paying and quality jobs.

According to him, working quickly as long as it benefits the nation is not sinful.

“Yes, it is true that the 301 House members who jointly authored the two resolutions are eager to change these limiting clauses in the Constitution. To give substance to the 8-Point Socio-Economic Agenda of the national government, we in the House of Representatives are rushing to approve priority measures agreed upon in the LEDAC (Legislative-Executive Development Advisory) meetings, he said in a statement.

HB 7352 was passed on March 14 with a 301-7 vote, while RBH 6 was approved on final reading at the House on March 6 with a 301-6 vote.

According to him, as part of the House’s commitment to the LEDAC meetings, 23 out of 31 additional urgent measures have already received approval.

We heard from everyone before casting a vote. All of it underwent thorough review and the proper procedure, he said.

“It is because of mamamayan interest that I am seeking employment if you know what I mean. It’s not pulitika, then the bansa economy. Hindi eleksyon, kundi misyon na iahon ang mga kababayan natin sa kahirapan. Are you able to describe the magtrabaho with the mabilis for the bayan in more detail? (If ever we are working with urgency, it is because the people’s interest is at stake. Not for politics, but for the country’s economy. Not for elections, but for the mission to alleviate our people from poverty. Since when was it a sin to work with urgency for the sake of the nation?),” he added.

He said amending the Constitution is the last piece of the puzzle, following the progress made in addressing foreign ownership limitations that have constrained investment in many sectors, through the Public Services Act, the Retail Trade Liberalization Act, and the Foreign Investments Act.

“Fundamental investment restrictions enshrined in the Philippine Constitution could not be corrected by simple legislations nor by Executive decisions. Hence a need for constitutional amendments,” he said.

The House of Representatives, he said, will continue enacting more laws and acting on legislative measures that will boost the economy and improve the living condition of the people.

“Though we, in the House of Representatives, already did our part in moving the process of amending the Constitution, we have no time to rest. I have directed the House leadership to go full-blast in expediting the approval of other pending measures aimed at creating the environment that will boost economic activities and job creation,” he said.

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