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Marcos wants to increase the DA’s use of technology.

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President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. is attempting to make operations at the Department of Agriculture (DA) more “high-tech” to assure a more resilient and productive farm industry.

After providing relief to recipients in Pili, Camarines Sur, he spoke with the media and stated that “structural difficulties” continue to be among the DA’s top priorities.

The Department of Agriculture (DA), which is also headed by Marcos, must be transformed into a high-tech organization because that is currently the only method to enhance production.

The President claimed that there are modern agricultural technologies available; all that is required is knowledge of how to apply them.

“Magpaturo tayo sa I-I,” you said. I was the one who tutored them, dati tayo. Now, you’re the one who can talk to them. But let’s learn from other people’s techniques and strategies so that we can apply them to our farming and become better farmers. We once instructed them. So let’s take a lesson from them. We need to educate farmers on new farming methods and strategies, he said.

He asserted that in order to boost the productivity and competitiveness of Filipino farmers, the DA must encourage consolidation.

“The consolidation is what I refer to as the pinakauna that I have for my talagang tinutugunan. Malalaki, malalawak, kailangan malalaki, malalawak ang pinag-aanihan ang sinasaka, para tumaas ang production natin, para bumaba ang presyo ng produksyon. (The so-called consolidation is the first issue that we are actually dealing with. Large, extensive farms are necessary for us to expand production while lowering production costs, he continued.

Marcos stated that he also wished to support farmers’ cooperatives and associations (FCAs).

He admitted that the DA still has a few significant obstacles to overcome, particularly in light of the fact that the agency has mostly been carrying out “emergency measures” in the face of high inflation.

According to him, the DA is rebuilding the agriculture value chain even as attempts to lower the prices of agricultural products remain a top priority.

There are many ideas that we haven’t yet put into action because we’re too busy lowering the prices of onions, rice, sugar, and all veggies, he said. “Ngunit ngayon na kami nagsisimula at dahan-dahan ‘yung system. Yet we are gradually reconstructing the value chain: “Yung lagi kong pinag-uusapan na value chain ay dahan-dahang binubuo na natin.”

Marcos stated that during his meeting with representatives of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) in Los Baos, Laguna last November, he had found new optimism in technical advancements that had the potential to significantly alter the nation’s agricultural sector in the future.

Additionally, he stated that the government must see to it that these agricultural technologies are distributed widely.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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