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FPRDI increases the use of bamboo in building

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According to Secretary Renato Solidum Jr., the Forest Products Research and Development Institute (FPRDI), a subsidiary of the Department of Science and Technology, is continually testing a better-connecting method to encourage the use of bamboo in buildings.

The linking method is one of bamboo’s drawbacks when used in buildings.

According to Solidum, the FPRDI has devised a method that enables the bamboo joints to support up to 1,700 kg in weight.

Bamboo poles are connected using a method that makes use of standard building supplies like cement, steel plates and bars, bolts, and nuts.

“Due to the nation’s present housing need, we advocate using bamboo in construction. One of the greatest lumber substitutes for construction is bamboo “Romulo Aggangan, director of the FPRDI, said to the Philippine News Agency.

He continued by saying that a shortfall in the usage of lumber for buildings was observed as a result of EO 23’s prohibition on logging in primary and secondary forests.

Also, he noted, there is a plan to include bamboo in the Philippine National Structural Code.

“We can reduce or eliminate the need to import timber for our construction industry if we employ bamboo. Bamboo is a well-known environmentally benign and renewable resource that can absorb carbon dioxide while it grows and has a wide range of applications, including construction, “said Aggangan.

Each bamboo pole is distinct in shape and geometry because bamboo is a natural material.

“Traditional couplings, which typically involve tying or splicing, are vulnerable to slippage and deformation, which can weaken the poles and cause the entire bamboo structure to become unstable. As a result, in order to guarantee the longevity of bamboo-based constructions, jointing techniques must take into account the particular characteristics of the material “Camacho declared.

The study team at FPRDI found that adding cement mortar as filler to the ends of the bamboo strengthens the connection.

In the meantime, Solidum claimed that a test space frame demonstrated the connector’s suitability for usage in open-type bamboo structures like a temporary tent, garage, or waiting shed, among others.

DOST-FPRDI intends to carry out more tests to enhance the novel connector and guarantee that it can be applied to more intricate bamboo housing and construction projects, according to Solidum.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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