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Padilla believes there is no need to solicit PDP-Laban support for Cha-cha.

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Senator Robinhood Padilla stated on Friday that his Partido Demokratiko Pilipino – Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) party colleagues ought to naturally back his efforts to modify the Constitution’s economic provisions.

Padilla, the current vice president of the party, stated that he expects the PDP-Laban to support him because his position is in line with the party’s goals.

“For the sake of preserving the Philippine party system, I have officially joined the party. If the party system in the Philippines is weak, I will continue to be independent because that is what I believe. Thus, I joined the party in order to help the party system in the country become stronger. However, if the party structure is only going to be utilized for fun, I’d like to remain independent since I believe that in a party, there should be unity “In a Zoom interview, Padilla remarked.

“If I were to participate in the match alone, I would certainly be allowed to manligaw for my own team. If I still need to persuade my party mates, that’s improbable in my opinion. My party mates and I will likely still be working together on the Cha-cha [Charter modification]. Sometimes I think my party mates should agree with me, especially when it comes to Cha-cha); “Added he.

Senator Francis Tolentino, a colleague of Padilla’s in the PDP-Laban, announced on Thursday that the party will meet on March 21 to debate its position on the suggested constitutional amendments.

Former president Rodrigo Duterte presently serves as the PDP president, Laban’s with Palawan Representative Jose Alvarez serving as vice president.

Currently serving as the party’s vice president for Luzon, Senator Christopher Lawrence Go is the auditor, Padilla is the executive vice president, and Senator Ronald Dela Rosa is the vice president for Mindanao.

The country could have “a peaceful and democratic way of life to ensure the establishment and maintenance of a Filipino society characterized by freedom, solidarity, justice, equity, social responsibility, self-reliance, efficiency, and enlightened nationalism under a federal system of government,” according to the PDP-vision. Laban’s

Padilla, the chair of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments and Revision of Codes, had just concluded the panel’s third public hearing on Thursday in Cebu City and was planning to hold additional hearings on March 20 and 22 to discuss House Bill 7352 or the Resolution of Both Houses No. 6, the bill that calls for a constitutional convention to amend the 1987 Constitution, with counterparts from the House of Representatives.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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