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Solon to colleagues: End ‘embarrassing word war’ on Cha-cha

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Instead of arguing in front of the public, Congressional leaders should sit down and resolve their dispute about the House of Representatives quest for constitutional amendments.

Elpidio Barzaga Jr., a representative for Cavite’s 4th District, urged the House of Representatives and Senate leaders to practice parliamentary decorum in a radio interview on Friday. He noted that disagreements over the charter change initiative could have been avoided had the Senate held a vote on the proposal before declaring that it lacks the necessary support.

“The Senate President and Speaker (Martin Romualdez) and Chairman of the House Committee on Constitutional Amendments (Rufus) are engaged in a verbal battle as a result of this (Rodriguez). On his radio show “Kape Kape Muna,” Barzaga said to Surigao del Norte 2nd District Representative Robert Ace Barbers, “That is embarrassing “broadcast on DWRB.

“I’m a veteran legislator. What is your opinion? (We should conduct ourselves as seasoned lawmakers. Any disagreements we may have, we should resolve them in private “said he.

Barzaga claimed that the verbal conflict began when Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri implied that the House’s push for rewriting the Constitution’s economic provisions appeared to be the reason for the delay in the enforcement of the implementing guidelines of the three laws (Public Service Act, Retail Trade Liberalization Act, and Foreign Investment Act).

Zubiri’s claim, in response, was deemed “unfair” to House members, particularly the Speaker, who has objected to claims that the House rushed the adoption of bills asking for a Constitutional Convention (ConCon).

Barzaga emphasized that the House was not to blame for the delay in the implementation of the three bills’ implementing instructions.

He remarked that it was bad that Zubiri made the remarks in front of everyone, prompting reactions from Romualdez and Rodriguez.

“Kaya sinasabi namin kung minsan nakakahiya rin sa publiko (That’s why we occasionally say that it’s embarrassing for the public). The leaders of the legislative body are arguing in front of the general public. The issuance of the implementing guidelines of the aforementioned three laws is the act of the executive, independent of the action of the House and also of the Senate,” he stated.

According to Barzaga, Zubiri could have simply told Senator Robinhood Padilla to stop holding public hearings if the Senate lacked the necessary number of votes; alternatively, he could have waited for the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendments to vote on the Cha-cha measure at the committee level; and, if it were to pass, held a plenary debate on the matter.

“I believe the idea will pass at the committee level; thus, it should have been debated at the plenary. Sa tingin ko naman, lulusot sa committee level ‘yung proposal, eh ‘di napag-usapan na lang sa plenary. They could simply conduct their campaign in private before casting their votes, and if the required two-thirds of the vote is not obtained, then they might announce their results in public. nevertheless, not now, as that would be premature, “added he.

Barbers, a diehard Cha-cha supporter, concurred and suggested that the House and Senate choose representatives to resolve the conflict.

“I completely concur. A team ought to be formed by the Upper and Lower House, to put it simply. To fully discuss the positions of both Houses, please see the following: “said he.

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Cebuano Cebuano English English Filipino Filipino

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