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Hog farmers in Negros Occidental choose to sell their hogs in Metro Manila

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After being prohibited from traveling through the Cebu ports bound for the Eastern Visayas region, hog suppliers in the province of Negros Occidental have chosen to ship live pigs to customers in Luzon, mainly Metro Manila.

From March 6 to April 5, Cebu forbade the admission of live hogs, sows, piglets, boar semen, pork, and items linked to pork from Negros Island when it was claimed that pigs from Negros allegedly contaminated the hogs in Carcar City, where hogs were found to have African swine fever (ASF).

As of Friday, Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson’s request that hogs from the province be permitted to travel via the Cebu ports has not received a response from Governor Gwendolyn Garcia.

“I just hope we can get some response, but it’s also possible that we won’t. Nonetheless, our hog farmers are returning to selling to Manila in the meantime “added Lacson.

According to information from the Provincial Veterinary Office, since March 7 Negros Occidental hog farmers have been allowed to deliver 1,100 heads of live pigs to Metro Manila.

“I was informed that they are once again delivering to Manila. Even though the prices are lower than those in Leyte, it’s still crucial that we can sell. It is the most recent data the Provincial Vet has given me. It costs PHP20 less per kilo. That’s a lot, but the fact that they can sell is still greater “– just…………….

The prospect of traveling to the province of Leyte via the Dipolog port instead of Dumaguete port has been studied, according to Lacson, but the transportation costs are too high.

The Department of Agriculture puts Negros Occidental on its list of dark green zones or ASF-free areas because of its PHP6 billion swine sector (DA).

Negros Occidental and Bacolod City put a restriction on the admission of all live pigs, boar semen, pork, pork products, and other pork-related things from Cebu province, including Bantayan Island and Camotes Island, after the DA confirmed the ASF infection in Cebu.

The province and this city’s ban also extends to the following islands: Guimaras Island, Panay Island, Mindanao, Eastern Visayas, and Luzon, all of which had documented occurrences of ASF between 2019 and 2022.

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