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Marcos will continue the “excellent” infrastructure projects from the previous administration

In order to benefit the country, President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. thinks that well-researched infrastructure initiatives from past governments must be continued.

In a video blog posted on Saturday, Marcos claimed that his government had just approved 194 high-impact infrastructure projects worth more than PHP9 trillion as part of the “Build Better More” infrastructure initiative.

The 194 projects are all geared at solving digital connection, flood control, irrigation, water supply, health, power, and energy, with 123 of them coming from the current government and the remaining 71 from Rodrigo R. Duterte.
Marcos understood that many infrastructure projects are abandoned when a government changes and that this situation needs to be fixed.

“If the project is truly amazing, wouldn’t natin itutuloy? If the project is successful, why don’t we continue it? (If the project is successful, why don’t we continue it? It should be continued if the study is thorough and truly helpful),” he stated.

A kaunlaran imprastraktura is present. Infrastructure is prosperity, according to the saying “Lalo na at kasama nito” (Infrastructure is prosperity. It should be sustained, especially if it is supported by rigorous analysis and is truly useful,” he added.

Marcos also listed seven advantages of infrastructure development that his administration would keep promoting: jobs, traffic problems, food security, addressing climate change, digitization, electricity, and tourism.

“These infrastructure projects would generate more livelihood for our workers,” he stated.

He said that during the pandemic, infrastructure improvements produced 1.4 million employment, using government figures.

It will be easier to commute thanks to infrastructure initiatives including the country’s train system upgrades that will reduce traffic congestion.

According to the most recent assessments by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), traffic in Metro Manila costs the Philippines PHP3.5 billion every day.

Also, according to Marcos, constructing more farm-to-market roads and irrigation infrastructure will help bring down food prices.

“With infrastructure upgrades for our irrigation system, we can ensure that our farms have a stable irrigation system,” he stated.

Marcos argued that infrastructure plans need to take climate change into account in order to make the nation more equipped to handle calamities.

“Kaya mahalagang tapusin ang proyekto ng nakaraang administratasyon at unahin lagi ang kapakanan ng bayan,” the speaker said. (That is why we should finish projects from previous administrations and prioritize the wellbeing of the country. Kung may labis na pag-ulan, katakataka naman, mayroon pang kakulangan na sa tubig. We also need to strengthen our water delivery system because it seems like there is a shortage of water during heavy rains, he said.

Infrastructure improvements, according to him, will boost tourism and assist the nation reach its goals of 100% electricity and increased digital connectivity.

“Infrastructure is development, it delivers benefits that not only enhance the quality of life for every Filipino but also the economy as a whole,” he remarked.

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