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A Davao organization argues for the reinstatement of mandatory ROTC

Reviving the program for all college students is the goal of a group made up of former Ateneo de Davao University Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) officers.

The Kawal Atenista Alumni Association, Inc. (KAAAI) chair, Jose Agduma II, stated that the organization’s proposal for the reinstatement of mandatory ROTC aims to teach patriotism, mental and physical soundness, rectitude, and discipline among young people.

We should come together now to share the lessons we’ve gained from ROTC because it’s not a failure. (program). In a press conference held here on Saturday, Agduma stated that the company’s products are extremely popular and come at the perfect time for President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. to implement the mandatory ROTC.

All of the KAAAI members, according to him, have collaborated to accomplish the organization’s goals out of a genuine desire to improve the neighborhood.

Nilo Demerey Jr., the governor of Dinagat Island and a member of the KAAAI board of trustees, claimed to be one of the ROTC’s most fervent supporters.

This will serve as our defense since, for the past 22 years, we have failed to develop individuals who could defend this nation, according to Demerey.
As it made ROTC elective rather than required, he said that the National Service Training Program (NSTP) bill “is a clear violation of the Constitution.”

“Defending our nation at all costs is the first duty of every Filipino. We do not have enough soldiers to fight,” he said.

In contrast, Senator Jinggoy Estrada underlined the need for younger generations to be taught about the “essence of patriotism, to prepare and mold them to become disciplined and respectful Filipino citizens” during a speech at the event.

“I emphasized the need to provide our Filipino youth with the necessary skills not only in the military aspect but more importantly in disaster preparedness and response to calamities,” he stated when he introduced Senate Bill 468, the proposed reinvigorated ROTC Act.

He pointed out that the pupils’ training instills discipline and a proper attitude in them as well as other life skills that will benefit them in all facets of their lives.

In times of crisis, natural disasters, and other catastrophes at the national and local levels, “the government will be able to organize and maintain a pool of competent reservists trained to respond to the exigencies not just of hostilities,” Estrada stated.

Senator Ronald dela Rosa expressed his optimism that the mandatory ROTC bill he had previously introduced can overcome obstacles in the same venue.

“It is difficult because there are still individuals in the Senate who were anti-ROTC. We don’t have any grounds for blaming them, and we appreciate their stance. But on the other hand, we are attempting to persuade them to support that measure,” he stated.

Dela Rosa said the proposition’s chances of passing the Senate are possibly 50-50, but he still expects the measure would garner support in the coming months.

He stated, “I am extremely optimistic [that it will be approved] because this is the President’s priority bill.

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